Company, leaving from payment of personal income tax, can deny tax benefits

The state Duma has prepared a draft law, according to which propose to deny tax preferences organization that is not a relationship with the staff in a lawful manner. According to the authors ideas, this proposal will replenish the state budget and improve the situation on the labour market, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The author of the new bill became the Deputy from “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein.

According to him, the sense of initiative is very simple: if the check reveals anything more than 10% of staff or more than 100 workers are employed informally, in relation to the organization need to cancel all preferences relating to taxes.

“Let her in the course of the year pays taxes at the normal program without any benefits,” said Shein.

The MP with reference to information of the accounting chamber said that the large capital in Russia annually receives tax benefits in the amount of 9.5 billion rubles. However, according to him, the lion’s share of workers in these companies to work without official registration. And this problem creates difficulties for the workers themselves because they can not provide a future pension and the state Treasury. The labour Inspectorate, the Prosecutor’s office and courts consistently identify such violators, but the overall picture isn’t any better.

He also added that the organization save millions on the salary of employees, pay those few thousand fine and will continue to receive millions or tens of millions in tax incentives from the government.

“This is wrong. There should include other levers of influence” — he concluded.

Shein’s initiative amends the article of the Tax code of the Russian Federation, which contain information about the introduction and the abolition of the special tax regime. Now the document is waiting for the official conclusion of the RF government, and, according to the Deputy, “with high probability” will go to the State Duma in late February — early March of this year.

Earlier it was reported that in the state Duma introduced a law on two-level progressive scale of tax on income of physical persons, according to which citizens whose annual income starts from 24 million rubles, proposed to raise personal income tax from 13% to 18%.

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