Cold summer of 2017 will punish Russian farmers to 2.6 billion rubles

The national Union of agricultural insurers has estimated the likely damage that will be farmers due to adverse weather conditions established in this year. According to the insurers, the losses could amount to 2.6 billion rubles. It is reported that in the current season, the crop insured farmers is much less than last year, which could be a reason for the bankruptcy is not only small, but even medium-sized farms.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The newspaper “Izvestia” on Friday, writes about the possible damage that may be incurred by the Russian agriculture due to the cold spring and summer this year. Recalling the study Natsionalnogo Union of agricultural insurers, the publication claims that the size of such losses may reach 2.6 billion rubles. It is noted that in the current year due to bad harvest with the threat of financial loss faced most of the farms.

“In 2017, the majority of farmers will face losses due to poor harvest — spring and summer was exceptionally cold and rainy. The amount of damage may amount to 2.6 billion rubles”, — the newspaper quotes the conclusions of the insurers.

Because agricultural reform in 2017 for services of non-addressed a much smaller number of farmers than in the previous year, according to the organization. The reform involves the introduction of a single regional subsidies for the agricultural sector, despite the fact that the regulatory framework for the operation of the new law is still not adopted. According to the National Union of agricultural insurers, the loss of farms will lie a burden on the Federal budget.

The total losses of the agricultural producers in the growing season can be in the range of 1.8–2.6 billion rubles. The insured can be about 0.6–1.0 billion rubles. Such data the newspaper cited the President of the Union of agricultural insurers the Roots of biggov.

In his opinion, not insured crop farms will be treated in the regional and Federal budgets for direct payments.


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