Coast of the United States are filled with strange glowing creatures

Mysterious glowing creature in large numbers appeared on the US West coast. According to experts who study this phenomenon, until now it was thought that these jelly-like animals, known as ornately or pyrosoma, occur in nature very rarely. It is expected that such a sharp increase in their number is unlikely to benefit other marine life.

photo: pixabay.com

Reportedly, for three years, the water in this area was extremely warm, and only recently it began to cool down to more “normal” temperatures. In this context, experts expected that marine life will return to “normal” condition, and the mass appearance of bioluminescent creatures has become for many scientists a surprise.

Ornately — sea free-floating colonial animals. The size of adult colonies usually reach from 20 cm to 4 meters. These creatures often have bacterial luminescent organs and are capable of intense luminescence, for which he received its name. Pyrosoma are extremely rare and mostly in tropical regions. However, since the spring in unprecedented quantities to observe the Eastern Pacific and, in particular, on the American beaches from Oregon to the Gulf of Alaska . During one of the exploratory missions have collected more than 60 thousand individuals in five minutes, the amount of ognition, according to estimates of scientists, millions, reports earth-chronicles.com.

Experts are not yet ready to say with certainty exactly how the dominance of pyroom impact on other sea creatures, however, consider certain that on the local ecosystems, these organisms will be affected greatly.

And scientists have no definite answer to the question, what is the position in the food chain occupied by onetake — in any case, the researchers were not able to observe that they “purposefully” ate other animals, and separate samples that are rarely found in the stomachs of some fish could get in there and polyleucine.

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