Club world Cup 2018: river plate – bronze medalist

Club world Cup 2018: river plate – bronze See photo (4)
18:00 Today, the Telegraph sports news: “river plate” defeated “Qasim” and took 3rd place at the club world Cup.

Argentine “river plate” won the match for third place at club world Cup with the Japanese team, “Qasim antlers”. The meeting was held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) at the stadium “Sheikh Zayed” and ended with the score 4:0 in favour of nominal visitors.

The first goal was scored by midfielder Bruno Zuculini in the 24th minute. In the middle of the second half, the advantage of the Argentine team doubled the midfielder Gonzalo Martinez. The author of the third goal was the forward Rafael Borre, who converted a penalty in the 88th minute. In added time second goal of the asset recorded Martinez.

Thus, the “river plate” won the third place at the FIFA club world Cup, “Qasim antlers” — the fourth .

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