Clearance of ships and rescue divers: how are the exercises Sea Breeze-2017 in Odessa

In the South of Ukraine started the active phase of international exercise Sea Breeze-2017, and the marine phase of training was conducted in Odessa.
A special operation in the port of Odessa the participants of the military exercise Sea Breeze-2017 practiced in the morning. On a legend of doctrines became aware of the explosives in the underwater part of the ship. Divers from Canada, Georgia and Ukraine-check this information.
“After explosives find, on the body of the ship, the divers leave the label, rise up and tell the commander about the situation. Only then comes the work to neutralise the explosives,” — said the commander of canadian diving group Andrew Lalance.
However, suddenly something went wrong. Divers have set off the alarm. With one of the team members is in trouble. The boat takes the victim to shore. As it turned out, the diver injured his leg. It is necessary to provide first aid as soon as possible to deliver in the hospital. This is also part of the legend of the exercises.
During the exercises use a whole Arsenal of equipment, even underwater robots. The exercise Sea Breeze-2017 attended by three thousand soldiers from 16 countries. The exercise involved 30 combat ships of Ukraine, USA, Georgia, Romania and Turkey.
The main reason for our participation in the Sea Breeze-2017 — practice. We are working on our speed and interaction. Together we become stronger. And be able to respond to any potential threats and conflicts in the black sea region, — said the head exercises with the United States Tate Westbrook.
Last exercises Sea Breeze-2017 to July 23.


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