Circle “zrada” is increasing: well-known Ukrainian group got into a scandal because of Russia

Around the Ukrainian group ONUKA rises, a row over Russia. The song, which stated that it performs in Russia, was made in the Russian film.
This was written by a Ukrainian artist Ivan Semesyuk on his page in Facebook.
He blamed the electro-folk group in cooperation and receiving money from the aggressor country of Russia. Semesyuk noted that the group “ONUKA” received a fee for the use of songs in the new Russian film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”.
Indeed, in the official release there is no “ONUKA” in the soundtrack of the new film by Director F. Bondarchuk no. And in fact – in the movie track is. That is, the “ONUKA”, without removing the in-flight lush embroidery, sold the track to where she goes from Patriotic reasons (it’s touching) – protested the artist.
Ivan Semesyuk added that he considers such cooperation group with the Russian betrayal of Ukraine and its people. Because the country is fighting against Russian invaders in the Donbas.
Attention! The article contains profanity!

The journalists of “24” checked the information regarding the song “ONUKA”.
In the Russian film “Gravity” really sounds track “1986” from the album “Countdown”. In the film section of the song you can hear at 1:17:40, it sounds about 1:20:10.
Add album “Countdown” with the aforementioned track was released in 2016.

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