Chubays Kvachkov wished a happy old age

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In this case was detained former servicemen of the 45th airborne regiment, son of the former Minister of press of the Russian Federation Ivan Mironov and Colonel GRU in resignation Vladimir Kvachkov. In this case the jury three times handed down a verdict of acquittal against Kvachkova. After the acquittal in 2010 he was detained again, but for the organization of an armed rebellion, the court sentenced him to 13 years imprisonment. Then Kvachkov said that the case was fabricated and expressed confidence that it stands for Chubais.

Since the term for rebellion Kvachkova expired, and article 282 (actions aimed at inciting hatred and enmity) partially decriminalized Mordovian court decided to release former Colonel. The lawyer explained that Kvachkov will be released on February 19, he plans to engage in social activities.

“I get bombarded with questions that I think about the release from prison of former Colonel Kvachkova. Look, grandfather eighth decade, he can only wish happy old age,” — said Chubais on his page in Facebook.

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