Christmas in Ukraine to 2018: what weekend are waiting for Ukrainians

According to the calendar output for 2018, which were approved by the Cabinet, Ukrainians will have another extra day off in December. Thus in the list of holidays and nonworking days in the Labour code of Ukraine introduced the Catholic Christmas on December 25, but this list excluded other output – 2 may.

In December of Ukrainians are waiting for the 3 day weekend. Christmas in 2018 (25 December) falls on a Tuesday. Monday, December 24, will be a day off, but it will have to work on Saturday, December 22. So the Ukrainians will have three days off: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

31 December (Monday) will make the weekends that will need to work on Saturday, December 29. New year celebrations will last three days: 30 December, 31 December and 1 January.

Weekend in December 2018

Students are waiting for the winter vacation that will last from 30 December to 13 January 2019.

Christmas became officially a day off: watch the video

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