Christmas 2018: what not to do in this holiday

Christmas 2018: what not to do in this holiday See photo (3)
09:26 Today, the Telegraph Photo: pixabay Ukraine news: December 25 marked one of the most important holidays for Catholics – Christmas.

Catholic Christmas is celebrated on the night of 24 to 25 December. It is probably the favorite holiday of believers, and so the holidays, many beautiful traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

The signs on Christmas day 25 Dec

Much attention is paid in the occasion of the Catholic Christmas signs, which in many respects help to predict the future. Therefore we recommend to read some of them.

Snow for Christmas — a good year.

A snowstorm on Christmas eve — will be early foliage.

The intense cold on Christmas — to the rich harvest.

If Christmas is warm, is cold spring.

The owners of the fireplace is not recommended to extinguish it before dawn .

Christmas bells alerted to the approach of evil spirits, and Christmas candles holiday table to protect from the cold and the forces of darkness. Christmas wreath protects the residents of the house from the unexpected coming of the evil forces.

If you read the Church calendar for December, you will see that every religious date its injunction and its prohibitions. In this respect, Christmas is no exception.

What not to do on Christmas day

First and foremost, you cannot work: it is better for such work to postpone or do in advance.

You also cannot sew. Many believe that the crafts in the festivals of the Church is threatened by sudden blindness or deafness.

Not on Christmas day to go to the forest to hunt. Previously it was thought that in such a Holy day the hunter will die from cold or become a victim of someone hunting.

Do not skimp on the holiday. The more money you spend on the device the Christmas holiday, the greater the income the family expects in the coming year.

You can’t sit down for Christmas dinner in used clothes, otherwise you will fail.

Not on Christmas day to wear black, otherwise trouble is coming.

Religious people will never guess for Christmas. There is a special 12 days of Christmas to Epiphany.

Christmas 2018: beautiful greetings, cards, SMS and poems

You can’t swear, argue or swear, especially at the table.

Not until the rising of the first star dinner: only children are allowed to snack.

Also we must remember that Christmas is a family holiday, which must be held in a festive atmosphere and not to forget about kindness and mercy towards other people. Have a good holiday!

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