Christmas 2018: congratulations for family and friends

25 Dec 2018 Ukrainians celebrate Christmas. Christmas in Ukraine is a family holiday. So congratulate merry Christmas to those who are far from you or close in these holidays, warm words.

Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ, sent by God to Earth for the salvation of mankind. On this day, eat festive meals, singing carols, lead the dens and attend to relatives. Don’t forget to congratulate your loved ones on Christmas – on this day, forget all grudges and wish all good.

Congratulations on Christmas in prose

Congratulations with Christmas! From the heart we wish you in this holiday only the best. Let your heart not be concerned about sad thoughts. Let the days will beautify the smiles of family and friends!



Merry Christmas! In this celebration I want to say a words of wishes of happiness, to wish you joy, freedom and prosperity. Let adversity not touch your house, bypassing. With a holiday!

With a holiday! I wish Christmas only bright days and success in life. Let not afraid of difficulties in the business and help loyal friends. Let in 2019 contributes to the success of all. Below the house was comfort and peace. Health, well-being of the whole family!!!


Let the Christmas star will light up in the night and leads in life the right way. Warmth, peace, kindness and tranquility. This wonderful bright holiday dreams become reality, let this year come true dearest. Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to the Catholic Christmas verses

High Christmas W Tim zavta,
Chogo heart sabaia.
Hi nes have koinu hut
Happiness, radost bagato,
Hi tasty kutya You udastsja,
High in the family * Pano happiness.
Dwellers cheerful Christmas carols
The house brought joy.
Christ rojdaetsya!


Rsday the night, dawn I swoka quiet!
Svyatkovyy table, Carol I duh!
Let them love You SgrA vcno,
I welcome the world to the hati uvideti!
Christ Rojdaetsya!


Frost Malu Srbia on VCN kaskow flowers.
Kroku last year I noblejas Christmas!
Let them in Osel tions, heat serdari shrty,
Panuyut happiness, joy inspired!

VTAM you hospodar,
Iz Green Collar Hrystovym!
Dwellers you happiness quota
Vncom kalinovik,
Dwellers over your house
Thank panawala,
And pid mirnim the Dah-
Love rosqueta!!!

Let him you sasauth Christmas city lights!
Health th Dobrobut in your family*!
Bajan dwellers always robot Bula,
– dwellers radla your whole family.
Dwellers year scho nastane,
CCB kramim for vsih,
You zlagodi in Dom I in Ref usih!


Dobro Dol, prosperity doval,
SMACNA cut the good it.
Hi God s You always bude , usuda,
Hi everyone knows, what does Pomaga – Christ Xia Roda!!!


Vitayu iz Holy VSI Vashi applied,
Mclogo health muzi I magnini.
The wealth from the family Yah, love and happiness,
You dwellers were obmanuli VSI BDI th napast.
SMACNA cut I vertepu have hat,
Rodinny tables in coinm Dom bagatih.
Carols spaite, sweatsuit Christmas.
Narodivsya! Slavimo Yogo!


On stol Holy supper,
The birthplace of all at the table.
Vdcin angel apartment is in good condition
Potolochek Creel.
Smell snom I will cutew.
Star sa, SNG, ripit.
I Christmas song on earth
Z blim angel to letit.

High in nawm year, when the Holy RSD,
VSI stesnyatsya to Mriya’s – dawn th Novi.
Yak team Pastery, hi you angel segnini
Bring Dodoma primn news!
Car scho Timothy Sousa vtti,
High vstuplenie s gifts to Vasco hachi!


Pid obrazom – Sino,
On obrus – swoka.
The whole hut smell
Savory palanechka.
On joy dorosli,
On vthe Malec
Walks up to you in host
Holy good OCR.
Christ Xia Roda!


Koladi hucno,
Happy RSDA
I for the whole Year of goodness!

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