Christmas 2018: beautiful greetings, cards, SMS and poems

Christmas 2018: beautiful greetings, cards, SMS and poems See photos (9)
11:42 Today, the Telegraph 25 November in Ukraine and the world celebrated one of the major religious holidays – Christmas.

Christmas for Catholics is revered more than the New year, and is considered the main family holiday in a series of “new year”. Interestingly, celebrating Christmas all, even those who do not believe in God and goes to Church, because Christmas is the day when at a large table the whole family gathers, sometimes even distant relatives.

To this day, as a rule, all family members aside any, even the most important things, to spend time with family, to visit relatives. Housewives try to pamper its guests with variety of dishes, a must among them are Turkey, goose, rabbit or venison. On the same night, 24 to 25 December, under the holiday tree, decorated with toys and garlands, appear gifts .

On Christmas day I want to congratulate

I you friends, and wish

Great faith and hope,

Love and happiness, silver.

To make dreams come true,

Smiles, peace and warmth.

Family that are with you

Today, tomorrow and always!

Let it be in house on holiday

Peace, comfort and kindness.

Good health wish

And lots and lots of magic!

Let your heart Shine in Christmas

The fate never known the warmth, wealth,

And only happiness reigns celebration,

Good luck let them leave a vivid imprint.

Let life plays joy string.

We wish You health, prosperity.

Success may spark the big house

All dreams and wishes!

Let this be the day Christmas, bright,

The Lord send you heavenly gifts,

I wish that the Lord from heaven

Sent health, happiness and miracles!

Let you away from all evil retreats,

May God heart just fills good,

Live only in the soul of peace,

Happiness flows to you stormy river!

Catholic and Orthodox: Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas,

And I wish that every moment

Were imbued with kindness and warmth,

To live you always without trouble!

Let them send you happiness, health

The merciful Lord on Christmas day

And fill our souls with love,

Turning the world into magic!


Dreams come true,

Let happiness will be a lot

And a sea of kindness!

I wish you good luck

And a lot of clear days,

Love big, hot

And loyal friends!

With the Catholic you a merry Christmas!

Let him enjoy all the celebration,

Santa Claus with huge sack

Will certainly visit your house.

At the table gather friends,

A friendly and big family

Wish each other good,

To hearts of hope lived.

Well, I wish you all success

A lot of happiness, smiles and laughter.

Dec. It’s Christmas,

Hovering around the magic.

In the wonderful this holiday

I wish not to be sad in vain.

Health to you and faith in your heart,

God open any door.

It’s Christmas

All your worries,come on,

Let kindness and magic

In the glorious hour come to visit.

Let Shine the brilliance of candles

Banishing all the bad,

In the best of all nights

The light of endowing happiness!

On Christmas day, weather forecasters promise a real winter weather

Light up a star

And Dec sparkles:

The day of the Holy Christmas

A miracle may happen!

Joy let heaven come,

All will bring happiness,

If you do, it waits

To become a part of life.

Brighter let the fires burn

In celebration of the good, light —

You will fulfill all the dreams

Let help the sky!

Congratulate Catholics of all merry Christmas,

Power warm, but will remind them of

The stars that evening all need to wait

Yes, but then begin to enjoy.

Family and friends you will invite,

And most importantly, at peace with all, live.

In cases you — good luck in the family — understanding

Open yourself, gain recognition.

No stones on the soul have not

Grow, blossom, does not get sick,

Luck to keep you know!

Christmas at the house come

Holiday is knocking at the door.

Wish magic —

Let it happen!

May the Lord bless,

Strengthen you in faith.

This evening’s light spirit

Let him come to you.

Do good to others

And it will come back.

And then certainly

Happiness will smile.

Guiding star

Joy adds,

Pure white snow

Joy add.

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