Christina Solovey wrote the soundtrack to the film “Cool”

Today on the official Youtube channel of Christina Solovey premiere of the video for the song “Sciacca”. Lyrical composition on the words of Ivan Franko is the soundtrack to the historic movie “Cool 1918”, which is February 7, goes into wide release in Ukraine.

“I remember when I was fascinated with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s soundtrack to the film” Stolen happiness “on motives of a drama of Ivan Franko. Then I came up with the dream to write a soundtrack, ” says singer.

It is symbolic that the video was premiered on the Day of the 100th anniversary of unification of Ukraine.

“The song “Sciacca” I wrote the text a favorite of Ivan Franko, the prominent Ukrainian champion of catholicity, adds Christina Solovey. – The song was written over five years ago, and the text – in the last century. It’s pulsating and exciting that the reunion Day of Ukraine, they came together in one space and become the accompaniment of the film “Steep 1918”.

The film “Steep 1918” historical action, dedicated to the battle at the station abruptly in the winter of 1918. Then the four hundred boys became chetyrehlistnyj against well-armed troops of the Bolsheviks.

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“When we thought about the musical concept of the tape, realized that men’s history, we urgently need a female voice, which would have strengthened the drama – says the producer of the film” Steep 1918 “Andrey Kornienko. And the first who came to mind is Christina Solovey, the soul of the modern Ukrainian songs. We, the filmmakers, rejoice that we have turned a fruitful cooperation.”

Except for the song “Sciacca” film “Steep 1918” also includes the famous song of the group “Okean Elzy” performed by Christina Solovey.

Historical action “Steep 1918” is based on the true story of the battle at the railway station Steep in the winter of 1918. Against the background of momentous events in the country two brothers Andrey and Alexey Savitsky fall in love with the beautiful Sophia. The Bolsheviks are suitable in Kiev, the city is filled with “red” agents. The government of UNR throws to fight the enemy all combat-ready army, including cadets and students. Four hundred young men, among them Andrew and Alex, going up against four thousandth well-armed troops.

Director: Alexei Shaparev

Starring: Eugene Lam, Hope Kovarska, Andrew Fedynich, Alexei Tritenko, Vitaly Salii, Alexander Piskunov Maxim Donets, Dmytro Stupka, Ostap Stupka, Natalia Vasko, Bogdan, Osipchuk.


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