Choir Rope in 2018 received 47 million of state support – Podolyak

Deputy Minister of culture, youth and sports Iryna Podolyak suggested that it would be better if the state supported musical groups who perform and revive Ukrainian folklore, rather than to Finance “socialist realist projects such as the choir of the line.”

Irina Podolyak on his page in Facebook called the work of the choir “sharovarschinoy”.

The Deputy Minister also noted that in 2018 the choir named Ropes has received more than 47 million of government support. The choir took 155 people.

She also questioned whether the state should continue to Fund what once was created by the state for General funds.

Podolyak suggested that if the work of the choir named Ropes need of the Ukrainian people, the viewer himself will support him at concerts.

What is the controversial issue of “Quarter”?

The next edition of the show “Evening quarter”, said the controversial parody. Comedian Eugene Mishka together with artists of the national choir named Ropes in the song parody “Burning hut” made fun of the incident with the arson of the former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva.

The corresponding video is published on the official YouTube channel of the “Quarter”. As noted before the room Stepan Kazanin, this “spectacular event” (the burning of the house of Valeria Gontareva in the village of Gorenichi near Kiev) as widely discussed in the Ukrainian society that it even began to write songs.


  • Hontareva has already responded to the issue of “95 quarter”. According to her, it is impossible to imagine in a civilized society. The former head of the NBU is not ruling out the possibility of ordering a specific number of oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.
  • The Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky asked forgiveness Gontareva and stated that he was “ashamed of choir Rope”.
  • The Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov believes that such jokes have a negative impact on the investment climate in Ukraine.

But Kolomoisky who liked it. Ukrainian oligarch even said “Bravo” after he viewed the room. Suspicions Gontareva Kolomoisky denies. Said that this room in the “Quarter” did not order.

What is known about the choir named Ropes?
Its full name is the national honored academic Ukrainian folk choir of Ukraine named G. Veryovka. The choir was founded in 1943 in Kharkov. The organizer and the first leader of the group was Gregory the Rope. In 1965 the choir was named after its founder. The repertoire consists of Ukrainian folk songs and dances of other Nations, as well as works by Ukrainian composers.

In Soviet times, the choir presented the Ukrainian art, except for the cities of the Soviet Union, were also in Romania, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Yugoslavia, etc. after Ukraine gained Independence, the choir traditionally participates in large Ukrainian state events. He also spoke, in particular, in Mexico, Canada, France, Switzerland, Russia and Belarus. To its credit, the team has many national and international awards.

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