Choice of characteristic batteries: zvernuti your attention on scho

Avtomobilny batteries,

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1. Choice of battery for car: scho zvernuti увагу2. Rosmer got значення3. Ємність4. Scho oznachayut max strum I dodatkovo mnst?5. Tipov ViDi акумуляторів6. That frmi virollet nicras of Akumulatori?

Of course, South pawn hetros scho dozvolyayut “reanimate” old batteries, ale, on-Perche, TSE is not vdaєtsya always, and in another, he can re-thematise in whether yaky – Yak rule, naybilsh newbpwng – time. Ensure viewuse scho terms exploitez batteries VASO cars pdiow to CNCA, smilevo virusate to the store.

Not dwellers parametise agony vibora, najprostszy of priority s him old batteries. Marketing and in such case it is easy pdare you exactly taqiy same or from podmnky characteristics. Besides, the Stari Akumulatori often primaute on pererobka in metabolism on Primo a discount on Novi – such molist Varto packability.

Choice of batteries for cars: zvernuti your attention on scho

Samna batteries //

Yakscho vie W s ACOs reason want vibrate Avtomobilny batteries separatist, dovedetsja technon taking into account some characteristics. Orai required for Rosman, roztashuvannya Clem, most, start current and voltage. However, nominalna stress in akumulatoru becoming 12V. The real stress is guilty Buti wise troch, I. Tsey pokaznyk need obov’yazkovo vimsati before buying, dwellers peritonitis in procedatos Butare.

By the way, svert pay attention to NavNet the batteries take korisno trebnitz Yak ndicator charge. He permitted controllati mill your batteries navti for vastnet voltmeter pid hand.

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Moreover, Varto considered the date vigotovlennya Butare. Namagayutsya not kupovati batteries, chii Vik, more rock, navti yakscho on Demba proponuyut a good discount. On vdmo od in parts automoble, walk termno service batteries bocinas not h ear vikoristannya, and vdras s time fill in Demba electrolu.

Rosmer got znachennya

In the first cargo Varto zvernuti pay attention to Rosmer batteries – likely, BlsI pid the hood of your automoble just not pomoshtitsa, although in deyakih models such mozliwosci ye.

Avtomobilin of Akumulatori buuut two basic formats: evropeiskii – 242х175х190 mm I asinski – 232х173х225 mm.

At CIR format Varanasi also type krepline. The “Propack” – Pritikin of plastine castin in the lower body, the “asetu” – frame or plank scho pritiska batteries to the marketplace. In principle, postaviti I secreti can be the Yak battery, but nenadi krepline not zajistime from udaru I vbrc, I termn service batteries can patno scrotitis. That better vdras zvernuti pay attention to Qiu characteristic of storage divice I scho optimally pidhodit your automoble.

Clemi //

Vyhovuje not only Rosmer, but I love you. Not those dwellers TSE Bulo duzhe it’s important for exploits, but not vklucheno, what you dovedetsja hour from hour snimati I perenesite batteries, and Yogo Vaga Mauger of stanoviti up to 20 kg. For blso srucnoc vibiraem model onwenu handle.

Swert also pay attention to Polarnet, klemi “plus” and “minus” povinn znahoditsya in order, provided by the manufacturer of automoble, naksha prevodu can just not vistachit for connecting.


Mnst – other main parameter, besides the naprugi. When vibor Novo Butare Varto Orti on mnst stare, although when began to Tsey pokaznyk can pokersite 5-10 A/year.

Neophane stock ENERG in accumulator saleit in the first cargo from obsahu of dvigun I objno from rozmow automoble. Usually mnst Butare for RSNA dvigun priblizno Taka:

  • 1.6 l – 44 A/year;
  • 1,6-2,5 l – 55-60 A/year;
  • 2,5-3,5 l – 62-66 A/year;
  • more 3.5 l – 70 A/I a year more.

TAC option characters for benzynowych dvigun. If you have a diesel, TSI znachennya Pavin bootie 10-20 A/year wise, Oskolki starter need more ENERG. Also potrebna blsa mnst for akusticna system, elektroprivod sign I NSIH spozhivachiv ENERG.

Perevirka batteries //

Ale is not necessary perestaralis I zanadto patogeni storage batteries. If elektromerezhi automoble not rosehaven on Taku mnst, generator Buda just not spravlyaetsya s charging Butare scho negatively upline on terms – service.

If you want to poradovali sviy car new polpino baterey, svert pay attention to tach option, and Yak Muscovy strum I backup mnst.

Scho oznachayut max strum I dodatkovo mnst?

Znachennya maximum, ABO pad, Strouma always ucasus on etikett – TSE, the number of scho vimruntime in amperes. Yogo mozhut vimercati for rsname methods, respectively, and znachennya bude rsnim: 510А (EN) approximative vdova 300A (DIN). Seredn znachennya thus becoming 255А for benzynowych dvigun , 300 for diesel.

TSE znachennya pokazu, Yak maksimalnu the value of the Struma dvigun is vddci for 10-30 seconds, dwellers of zapustite dvigun. Chim bilshe Muscovy strum, Tim wise swidth Obertan the starter to the crankshaft, and respectively – blsa imort to have dvigun newt in umovah Holodno of zimi. The fact NSA runic Varto storage batteries s great znachennya maximum Struma. Of course, higher pokaznyk starting Struma pgvisu vartist Butare.

Dodatkovo, ABO backup mnst ucasus the manufacturer on etikett not always, nonetheless TSE Ter to dosit baglivi option. Is the time in huiling (you could sustrai pokusniki 90 or 100 min), push stroke yakogo battery zdata vdavali strum a power of 25A. TSE pokazu, Yak Dovgy machine SDATA hate further, for example, Razi vdovi generator.

Tipov ViDi akumulatoru

Terms service, vartist I skladnosti exploitez batteries bagato in chomu to talegate from material, s yakogo problem electrode.

Naybilsh budgeti option – Akumulatori scho obslugovuyuche. Platini tokovom such batteries problen zi swanzy s dodavany Surma. Wiodacy z titles, they need to regularly pay attention viewlet scho polaha in dolus distilbene VOD. They have, as a rule, ninigi Muscovy strum, and after downtime stench often potrebuyut jurecki, Oskolki mozhut vrachati to 2% from most na dobu apartments. Then the price digit niece, than have konkurentu s podmnky parameters. But such technology it is believed that zastrow I sustris at wkra rdquo.

Topping up water //

Daypopular I optimal for pavedienu “price – quality” – maloorlovka ABO grren Butare. One W plates of such batteries robotica s dodavany calcium, on the other zalishivsya measurm of anisty sveneti. TSE zblu h Muscovy strum produjo hour bezdarnost I termn service in General. The stench Ter vimagati olivanna water, ale Qiu procedure to dosit of provoditi purose on-year.

Qiu category nazivajut has “standard”, Oskolki Danian at the time a large part akumulatoru on rinku problen same for such technology. On corpus such batteries can be sniti odne s nastupny markuman: “Ca +”, “Sb / Ca” or “Hybrid battery”.

Dorogo – tak scho not obslugovuyuche of Akumulatori negativni and on, and on pozitivni plates toil calcium, about what to say markuvannya Ca / Ca. Zavdyaki tions technology water electrolyt not viperous SOSM ABO W at Nestle netacnih klastech scho tak of Akumulatori SDAT pracowali without olivanna 5-7 years, scho factual dorny termno h service, that traffic krisz they usually no.

Nod in plastine of dodany takozh small vasotec srbl (TSE mozhna know for naunty dodatkovo markuvannya Silver), dozvola scho shte bilshe panati pokusniki most I of puskovic strums. Should be considered, scho Akumulatori premum-class not to sublet the book: the deep, to for Stari avtomobl, Chia system elektroobladnannya not varsets natinst, TSE – not the best choice.

Also there is the toll-Nova technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). TSI akumulator Butare possable nedolov their poperednica on kshtalt self-discharge, and more varanytsia high settings. All zavdyaki printsipovo Homo roztashuvannya electrolu – rdina not poured freely, and skoncentrovana navkolo of Platini in separator from Shklovalakno. Mabuchi, only hni nedac – high price.

That frmi virollet nicras of Akumulatori?

When pdbr batteries can ORTV not only on option, but I for uggoki, ogledi I testi, yaki conductive Yak virobnika, so I desalegn experti. Mark often St versalink factor after Butare od according virobnikiv long zarekomendovala yourself on rinku Yak horos I Nadin – namely tak komplektuyuchi want Pdet in his car.

Akumulyatori //

The manufacturer of the best akumulatoru for legkovih avtomobl tradicine it is believed nimetskyy BOSCH. Also good rating trimout VARTA, MUTLU I. AKOM. If pregnate right spowderhorn prices I quality, svert pay attention to Akumulatori Ukrayinsky virobnictva – from STA Center, To ABO megateks.