Chinese programmers write the Belarusians Telegram, asking for access to a computer 24/7 – for the money

What’s wrong with it.

The Belarusian developer Anatolia in Telegram wrote the stranger. Introduced a web developer from China, I threw a link to a web page with a summary and suggested to install on your Windows 10 Virtual Machine, the site says Barely Anatoly refused, as another account I received an email screen with the same offer.

“For a hundred bucks to risk your good name?”

“I have a lot of experience in mobile and web development — wrote someone under the name of Jin Chong. — The last six years, I am familiar with the website for freelancers, as I have developed many websites and applications, but most customers don’t like Upwork developers from Asia. I would therefore like to cooperate with you: I need your account to Upwork and remote access to your computer”.

The essence of the commercial offer: the Belarusian partner creates an account on Upwork passes the verification on the service with the help of videosson and provides the so-called Chinese developer remote access to your computer. Then keep the computer on 24/7. For that every month it will pay $ 100 ($50 — immediately after verification). Through PayPal. Bargain.

Anatoly, the proposal wisely refused.

— I Cisco Security engineer dealing with network security, and understand the risks of this proposal. Unknown man from China has access to your computer can make it a DOS or other hacking attacks — Yes, any cybercrime. For a hundred bucks a month to put his good name to such danger?

However, not all Belarusians have the same opinion. Anatoly surveyed colleagues and learned that a friend of his friend has successfully provided services the same way for $ 80 a month.

— According to him, it really works, though few believe. So he supposedly he found a few partners for the Chinese. Soon they must create another account on the freelance exchange.

Unfortunately, the “friend of a friend” refused to communicate with journalists under the pretext of “do not want palitsya” and “it is unclear how this to pay taxes”. Therefore, doubts remain that the scheme works and who really pays the regular Belarusians.

Reporters tried to contact the Chinese developer via instant messengers. As a contact in Telegram (of Jin Chong there are at least three, choose one) for a long time did not answer, dialed number specified in the WhatsApp Voicemail in Chinese and English said he is not in service. Two days later gin Chong said in the Telegram and agreed to call.

The phone with Jin Chong

The journalists tried to make a video call to check a user’s photos, but to no avail: the person on the other end complained about “some problems with the camera”. Voice chat is also not asked: because of the strong emphasis to understand the interlocutor was difficult. In the end, the verbal cues were interspersed with writing. Find out was not much, but something-the source — Asian, most likely, do the Chinese.

Communication able to understand what Jin Chong lives in Jilin city (Jilin) on the East of the country, previously worked at King Star, and now tries his hand at freelancing. Experience with Upwork had not, but in his success he had no doubt, as the “professional web developer”.

The only problem is that Upwork not approve its account: it seems the site does not allow you to open new accounts to users from China. So he is looking for contacts in Europe (any European country, not necessarily in Belarus).

$100 — fee only at the initial stage, after three months of successful cooperation he is willing to pay $150 or 10% of monthly income. No, no Chinese friends and European partners who have already worked under this scheme, it does not.

Security guarantees? Windows 10 will not give full access to a computer partner, so guest will not be able to control other people’s data. It also will not be able to use the account without the assistance of a partner, therefore, will be forced to pay. In addition, the partner at any time to disable access to your account.

And one more thing: the fee for the order will come up for a PayPal account European partner, coming out, risks to remain without money is primarily a developer. “So our business is based primarily on the responsibility”, — concluded the source.

One HUNDRED Belarusian-Chinese company: “Upwork officially working with China”

What is the probability that the authors of the letter do Chinese developers, which diskriminerad on Upwork? May, China banned freelancing abroad? Asked these questions to Nikolay Arapov — STO, OOO “SETS Chinese electrical” Belorussian girls Chinese Corporation SETS.

This can be the representatives of any nation, — says Nikolay. But if I wanted to engage in such improper conduct, the choice of the country very likely would fall on China, well known for their GFW (Great Firewall of China), which, however, easily overcome by using a VPN.

Upwork officially working with China (although there are countries with which Upwork does not work). Government ban on freelancing in China is definitely not. The ban could be except at the level of contracts with a specific employer. For example, I know such a prohibition for employees of a Finnish company.

“Customers don’t want to work with Asians” — probably, this factor may take place. But the customer no one bothers to pay for the work after its adoption, that is, the loss of money he is not at risk.

In General, it is not important who and where you write. It is important that, in agreeing to such a proposal, a person commits a foul Upwork and gives access to your computer to a stranger. He can use it for different purposes. For example, cybercrime. Or in order to promote the customer for a Deposit, and disappear into the fog.

Or to sweep the computer of the Loch in search of Bank cards, passwords from other services or nu photo to blackmail.

Maybe it’s “shkolota” spoiled — wants virus to plant. Or Trojan, Keylogger that will send the data card, when the owner of the computer to enter them, even after a long period of time after the end of the collaboration.

In General, it is illegal and unwise. I myself have several times received similar offers from the Chinese via LinkedIn and always ignored them.

Expert on it security: “for example, developed a bad product, and traces of lead in Belarus”

Showed the letter to the head of the Minsk office of Group-IB, ex-head of Department on investigation of crimes against information security of the head investigative Department of SK Alexander Sushko. “Fraud” — was diagnosed with it.

— The probability that voiced the tune of — “we need orders, but Asians do not want to work” — true, not higher than 5%. Maybe it’s the evasion from payment of taxes. But most likely it’s a Scam. What are the possible consequences for victims?

The main threat is that the hackers get personal data “partner,” which can be used not only on this site, but anywhere. When you are asked to share passport data and video, keep in mind that they can and a Bank account to open, and on the crypto currency exchange to play. Perhaps at the next stage you want to “play” on the principle of “Nigerian letters”. Say, I want you to translate the promised $ 50 — give us the card details.

Another block threats — use your data on behalf of the attacker. For example, “partner” takes the order on your behalf, requests an advance payment and vanishes. And the aggrieved party appeals to the administration of the site, demanding the money from you.

The third option is the use of data for reputational damage to the whole country. For example, developed a bad product, which carried out attacks on other countries, and see where the tracks lead — in Belarus. It is not excluded that for this reason they targetirovanie attack our country.