Chinese New year of the Dog 2018: when to celebrate what promises

Chinese New year 2018, with whom is associated a symbol — Yellow earth Dog, will come in the night of Friday, February 16. About omens, horoscopes and features of Chinese New year celebrations we talked with a specialist in the field of spiritual and cultural traditions of the Chinese civilization Alexey Maslov.


– The Eastern calendar, which is called by the Chinese, was created in the days when the word “dog” or “cock” meant not real animals, and the concentration of certain cosmic forces. Therefore, this prediction may seem funny, but in General they are associated with the presence of certain forces in nature.

The dog is, if you look for the pros, good luck to big financial projects, you can build a new home or begin to save money for serious shopping, it’s a year of prosperity. The belief is simple: dogs are fed, when to eat, how to feed people — that is, when all is well.

From a negative — in this year do not give promises, especially financial, to take on similar commitments. After all, a Dog — animal fisted, she always pulls the bone itself . This year is not too favorable to the health, also very mediocre it is suitable for love.

– For people born in some years, Dog friendly, and with whom she is in conflict?

– Year of the Dog good for those born directly in her year, and then in the year of the Dragon, Tiger or Snake. However, many confusing the fact that the dog is “funeral” animals in China; on the excavations we often find clay figurines in the graves. Hence the belief that the year of the Dog bears the loss of loved ones… For the Cat (Rabbit), Pig and Ox, this year promises to be the best.

– What are stereotypes?

– It is believed that the year of the Dog — this time a dramatic change in the status of the country or region. The same applies to the year of the Dragon. Moreover, a “dramatic” change can be in both directions: possible economic prosperity, and sudden decline.

Sounds intriguing: in March of this year we will see presidential elections, and in 2000, the year of the Dragon, the head of state was elected the first time…

– Yes, I think it’s not casual. It is appropriate to recall the warning: to make any promises, especially economic or financial, is with extreme caution and electoral campaigns is also a concern for politicians is a big risk. Besides worth to remember that the year of the Dog is often either after or before some serious shock. For example, in 1946 the post — war, and in 1934 — the last calm before the repression. The dog often accompanied by serious unrest.

– This applies to all years?

– Each year has its own lucky numbers, which the Chinese are guided in many ways. For the year of the Dog, for example, the lovely number 3, 4 and 9. For example, in honor of the New year you can give four cups or four cans of preserves. The same applies to months — say, fifth and eighth (may and August) months in this year will be unhappy, but happy sixth, tenth, and twelfth (June, October and December).

If we’re talking about politics, the March, the third month will be the transition month — from lesser to greater happiness. So what changes will be required.

– How to celebrate the year of the Dog?

Since this is the year of the earth, it is better to meet him in a serious company, for example, in the business. Either in the family circle, but then we should talk on important, serious topics. Of colors to choose pink or Orchid color (it is also called sand), both for clothing and for interior decoration. On the table you need to apply the meat on the bones — for example, wings, ribs or Osso Bucco — to please the Dog.

– Where will celebrate the representatives of the Chinese Diaspora in Moscow?

– Even in China the New year is celebrated for a week each year dedicated to a specific event. February 16, you need to spend in the family circle, February 17, people will go to the next of kin, and already on February 18-19 — friends… In Moscow, the Diaspora has chosen some local restaurants, most of them in the South-West or in the city centre. Or go to a small private home restaurants that my. Gather at the table the crowd, the Chinese do not seek: to celebrate or sit with people of the same clan or people of the same profession — for example, with business partners.

– If the house lives a dog, does it need something special to pamper,to congratulate?

– The word “dog” we mean a generalization of a number of forces. A real dog might not have to do with this, so it’s not necessary.

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