Chinese New year 2018: celebration

If the traditional Ukrainian holidays you were little, then the New year can meet again! According to the Chinese calendar. By the way, will not meet the 2018 and 4716 year. What is different about the celebration and how to prepare to have a memorable to celebrate the year of the Yellow Earthen Pig – read on.
When to celebrate

Of course, to begin with, when celebrating the Chinese New year. Today’s celebration will begin February 5 and will continue until February 20. Previously, the celebration lasted for a month (and they say that many Ukrainians have a rest), but in the modern world a month it this weekend too, so holidays reduced. This year the festivities will be held 15 days.

Chinese New year 2019

Chinese New year has irregular date, as it depends on lunar calendar. So the holiday falls on one of the days in the period from 21 January to 21 February.

Which means holiday for the Chinese

As for our ancestors, for the Chinese New year is associated with the beginning of spring. With the awakening of nature and start planting. It is believed that the Chinese New year winter meets spring and a new start. Reminiscent of our Presentation, isn’t it?

For the Asian world the New year is a family holiday. Family members come from different corners of the world together to celebrate the beginning of a new year. This is the time to join the family circle, even the spirits of the dead relatives.

During these two weeks people come over to visit, arrange a lavish feast. Also enough time for fairs, masquerades, folk festivals under the open sky!

In China organize a variety of shows and masquerades

During the celebration of Chinese New year people exchange gifts. What to give, if you decide to celebrate? Traditionally, the Chinese exchanged red envelopes with money, beads, coins and tangerines. But will fit anything that will symbolize wealth. This gift you geletei human welfare and prosperity in next year.

How to celebrate

Kicks off a celebration of the flavors of the East and fireworks! For what? It’s very simple, to scare away evil spirits from the crop. Of course, in the modern world is only a tradition, but the Chinese carefully observed.

So don’t forget to buy for the celebration sparklers and incense sticks. Or an aroma lamp, if you have long dreamed about it – this is a great opportunity. Choose scented oil that you like, and enjoy the smell all night. But from firecrackers and fireworks advise. They are dangerous to you personally, and very negatively affect of men in a combat zone. Sparklers are a great alternative!

Sparklers: cheap, beautiful and safe

On the last day of the Chinese people traditionally light the red lanterns. To launch the sky lantern in Ukraine. On this day you wear a necklace of Mandarin oranges and arrange the family feast. All this is no problem to repeat with us.

Festive lanterns for Chinese new year

Prepare necklace, invite family and friends, and not to stand at the stove, you can order food from a Chinese restaurant. They are now quite in all major cities of Ukraine. Just be careful with the exotics: don’t try everything at once, otherwise your digestive system can not cope and the holiday will be spoiled.

Chinese cuisine is very tasty

There should be prosperity, because the Pig likes to eat well. You can prepare a variety of salads. Give preference to vegetable food, fruit and vegetables, can also be served pastries and fish dishes.

What to wear

If holiday dishes can be “profilewith”, then the choice of clothing I advise you to take responsibly. The Chinese with the help of clothes trying to coax the animal cartridge.

Given that is the year of Yellow earth Pig, wear yellow, green or brown clothes and accessories. Will fit the natural palette, which will bring you closer to harmony with nature. Especially sudovye tones in the trend! But bright, overly refined things are better left for another occasion.

The pig will appreciate your efforts

It is not recommended to wear clothes with animal prints. Forget about “leopard”, colors “like a tiger”, etc. How do you think Eastern people it can piss off the year of the dog. In the end, these clothes it is better to forget. We also advise you to abandon fur.

Table decoration is in the same colors as the clothes: pastel colors, yellow, mustard.

To celebrate the Chinese New year should be carefully prepared for

But the main thing – good mood and positive thoughts! We wish you a successful celebration.

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