Chim slivova Atlas Weekend 2017: pros TA MOSI organization

Atlas Weekend festival, which narobi the noise not only of the middle ukraïntsiv! Clich p’yat dniv z 28, June 2 lipnya have CIV tasovalis brand RSN people I sluhay brand RSN, gurti.
The line-up the fest Vraja navti livibility, especially if taking into account, scho festival usago 3 rocky.
Ale we will priscum I ROZEREM truncated paragraphs.

Pros organization
Two nails pros: Perche – really crut actual Wikinews, yakih at a time sluha juveniles, vcity in songs, pdsva I ptentsov, each us music, gurti was pocha vchasno ABO mayzhe vchasno. Gurti ti, yakih not let kogos iz muzikantu on cordon, all one vapourware sviy hour. I the most important thing – GURT yaskravi The Prodigy not only vilasa to povna on scan I saww brand vsih, but I pochv vchasno.
One has nevertheless valuim moment Buli champion toilet. When chomu uprodovzh osogo festival!

On the island there great choice I on rsni Rosmer Gamanta. I think scho TSE Ter can be put in the plus and organzation.
Has one positive to dosit of apagani sound.
Respect organzation for rosalino aplkasi for smartfonov, Yak pratsyuє square Chi from nayavnost vastness Internetu. TSE Bulo of nabiac which is very convenient I korisno. After there Bulo USA: Mapa festival, rozklad wykonawca iz the cob I zakonchennym to you mozliwosci struvite sviy Vlasna rozklad.

Has not Varto zabuvati about those scho organzationi popluating about their guests I pacharawalai vistupi so, Bulo dwellers mozhna stagnati on ECOMOG blsu number wykonawca.
Plus Varto takozh noted doublenest about prodovzhennja work underground at times.
MOSI organization
First day of CCB perepolneny people, and curiously enough, after the 28th of June until the Day Constitut organzationi zrobili vhid bezkoshtovne. A TSE – Chudov mozliwosci ablitites to muzycznego is, then VSI know scho us space TA gurti will vivo sound SOSM nacse. But, powermems to perepolnennom. Obviously Bulo, scho organzationi not rozregulowany on the same number.

Other bug – system rozrahunkiv Hiroshima. Idea itself is General-it was a great, ale schos psla not. In purshia day all ogoloshen Bulo, scho treba’m putting money on kartki spetsialni provocatively, and them vzhe opracowali buy there festival. In principle, TSE Chudov idea, Yak controllati grochow flows, and takozh iz not zamorachivatsja the rest. Ale TSE NATO smoothly! In purshia day Wi-Fi, through which stesnyatsya Priya pennies s kartok, ceasing pracovat, and the people had rozregulowany “live” Hiroshima. I don’t pomestila Tim, hto before Tim poklal us money to Qiu card itself… the Skin day z was ACS rules rozrahunkiv Novi – Chi Hiroshima tilki, tilki Chi kardami, Chi Yak you want.
On the territory of the festival is not puskayut iz Vlasna jeu, water, alcohol. Ale about TSE did not write the rules at a dodatka Chi ere sche. That people desniveles vzhe on whod, de h musumali all wikidata. Naksa just missed. I nichogo not may against such rules. Hello! Perche. Need, usugi podolaty about tak. Other. If there festival at the island produt lichen malenic (0.3 ml) plachecki niegazowana VOD, yakos wonderfully not propositi people iz sway water.
Mobline contact there Sallisaw spouts for the better! I Rozum, scho sponsor PDR programs include Kyivstar, ale TSE’m not this means, that it positi NSA operators. It got to the banal, if people could not sniti one on one festival through those scho not mozhut dozvonilas.

One iz nevelichka mosw mozhna nazvati demolist semati bracelet push stroke n yati days festival, adzhe TSE brand nesrecno.
Schodo peluce, Yak pdnmesh from strilkiv “bogevolnov” well Sens, matovu. According to vystupa really dihati Bulo mayzhe nemozhlyvo. Identity parade on into the future: perhaps, je Sens to do bezkoshtovno dealings by respirators before vistupali such Gurtu Yak The Prodigy Kasabian Chi.
Hello in total, vrazhennya from Atlas Weekend neocon! I skin vdduv Udachny for mozliwosci posluhat will vivo ulubelen, gurti. NATO will not forget, Yak suhopljuev usih John Newman, Yak zduwv Kate Flint I vzagali The Prodigy just pedrali mozok skin I musili, stributi usih, Yak foretold “burleva molidist ‘” Three Days Grace, brazili Maneken I Onuka, I started vsih Dakh Daughters, and also many-many NSA. Identity prijatnim all thanks to organization of such large-scale muzycznego festival in Ukraine!

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