Children’s safety in taxi

Taxi “bond” has the option “Taxi with a child car seat”

For all parents safety of the child is the most important priority. In your own car we usually use autorului, chairs and boosters. But there comes a point when you have to take a taxi, and to take his seat in the road is not the most convenient option. We decided to find out how this state of Affairs in Kiev.

By checking this option in the Metropolitan services can share the good news. In early July, a Taxi, bond started to accept orders for cars with child seats. This service is a handy application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone. The application has a lot of different options, and periodically update, listening to the views of users. Orders passengers can be done through the app and on the phone. However, to order a car with a child seat is possible only through service operators on the phone. Also recommend to make such orders well in advance (ideally a day) to be sure the supply car. The service costs plus seventy-UAH to the tariff. It is of course much cheaper than the existing services that spetsializiruyutsya just for the transport in vehicles with child seats.

Taxi bond works in Kiev and Odessa. Option “a Taxi with a child car seat” is currently available only in Kiev. This is an experiment to which employees are Taxi bond was a long time, after all, to organize the process is not as easy as it seems at first glance. We talked with the Director and found out what were the main difficulties in the introduction of car seats.

Usually, when a person orders a taxi, he expects to have four seats for passengers and free the trunk for suitcases. Therefore, neither set of chairs stationary or to carry them in the trunk was impossible. Now employees of Taxi bond up with the current scheme, which meets the needs of those who are going to the airport or the station, and those travelling around the city with kids. By the way, the fee for the two seats in the car remains the same, i.e. it is not doubled, because not depend on their number.

The purpose of Taxi bond is to provide all vehicles with child seats, because they care about the safety of their passengers. They would also be happy if it is approved at the legislative level.

About 20% of Taxis bond have boosters that drivers are happy to offer the passengers with older children. We were told that frequent flyers often send their children to taxi to school and to clubs. They follow the route through their smartphones. As charged to the accounts of parents, children do not need to deal with money and calculations.

Choosing a taxi service, and focus not on price but on level of security.


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