Chemical attack in Syria, explosions in the churches of Indonesia and Kerch massacre: the bloody tragedy of 2018

The bloody attacks, ruthless killings and armed attacks annually claim thousands of lives. Peaceful people become discarded pawns on the chessboard of the political games, the victims of religious fanatics and those who just chose to dispose of the destiny. 2018, unfortunately, was no exception.

We will remember the most horrific terrorist attacks and mass killings that rocked the world in 2018. After all, the more we know, the better advised.

The attack in Kabul hotel

When: January 20, 2018

Number of victims: 46

2018 began a bloody attack in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Among the victims were Ukrainians.

On 20 January, a few people with guns and grenades stormed the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul and opened fire on him. In the lobby of the hotel at that time, there were about a hundred people. They were all participants in the IT conference. The people who managed to survive were told that the attackers fired indiscriminately.

Law enforcement was able to immediately disarm the two killers, two more took hostages and hid in the rooms of the hotel. The last terrorist was neutralized as much as 12 hours after the attack began.

The terrorists who killed people in a hotel of Kabul

Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist movement “Taliban”. So, one of the representatives of the organization said that the aim of the terrorists was an Afghan officials and foreign guests attending the conference. Among the dead and wounded are really a lot of foreigners.

During the attack, the people tried to escape from the occupied hotel, descending from the Windows on mattresses and sheets.

Among the victims were 14 foreigners, half of them Ukrainians. Seven of our citizens were members of the Afghan airline Kam Air.

People fleeing from the captured terrorists of the hotel in Kabul (18+):

Chemical attack in the Syrian Duma

When: 8 April 2018

Number of victims: about 70

According to the testimony of medical personnel, rescuers, and volunteers from the organization “White helmets” 8 April, the population of the Syrian city of Duma suffered from chemical attack. Her thought was the last city that was under rebel control in the province of Eastern ghouta.

Assad’s forces and Russia denied the use of chemical weapons and the shelling of the Duma. However, volunteers collected photos and videos are a terrible confirmation of the mass killings.

The exact number of victims is still unknown. Roughly we are talking about at least 70 casualties and 500 wounded during himataki.

The consequences of himataki in the Duma (18+):

A series of terrorist attacks near churches of Indonesia

When: may 13, 2018

Number of victims: 17

In Surabaya, suicide bombers blew up about three different Christian churches. Explosions in the Holy shrines occurred with a difference in 10 minutes.

The first explosion occurred at 7:00 local time near St Mary’s Catholic Church, where 4 people died. The second happened a few minutes in a Protestant Church Jalan Diponegoro. It killed two people. Another attack took place in the Church Gereja Pantekosta, which also killed two people. Later it became known that as a result of terrorist attacks overall, 17 people were killed.

A series of terrorist attacks near churches of Indonesia

Suicide bombers were members of the same family. Mother with daughters of 9 and 12 years old blew himself up in the same Church, at the same time the father of three sons carried out the bombings near the other two.

Responsibility for the bombings took the “Islamic state”. This is the most bloody terrorist attack in Indonesia since 2005.

The massacre in Paris

When: may 12, 2018

Number of victims: 2

The evening of may 12 in the centre of Paris, a man with a knife attacked passers-by. During the attack, the man cried “Allahu Akbar”. As a result of the incident killed 2 people, including the attacker. He was shot by militiamen.

Hamzat Asimov – the terrorist who committed the massacre in the French capital

Police have classified the case as a terrorist act.

Later the “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for night massacre in Paris. The attack was made by a native of Chechnya Khamzat Asimov.

In 2010, he received French citizenship. Asimov was known to law enforcement as a follower of the radical Islamists, however, informed the law enforcers did not attract him to justice he had not been detained in France.

That the Chechens attacked passersby with a knife in Paris, immediately responded the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

The scene of the attack in Paris

He hastened to emphasize that even though Asimov was born in Chechnya, his views have shaped French society.

The massacre in College Kerch

When: 17 Oct 2018

Number of victims: 21

Mass shooting in College occupied Kerch became one of the bloodiest incidents in the world that ever had a place in educational institutions. 18-year-old Vlad Roslyakov, who staged a massacre in the number of victims has surpassed even their “masterminds” – Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold that in 1999 he staged the shooting at the school “Columbine” in Colorado.

Kerch shooter – Vladislav Roslyakov

According to the official version, a student of the graduating class Vladislav Roslyakov brought to the College several homemade explosives and weapons. One of the bombs he blew up in the dining room of the institution, after the explosion, the guy went to College and shot anyone who got in his way. Then shot himself in the library of the institution.

To the slaughter Roslyakov prepared very carefully: scraped together the money for a shotgun, held a training course on shooting and got the license a few days before the mass killings in his native College bought in a gun shop 150 rounds. Almost all personal items and photos before the attack, the young man burned.

Vlad Roslyakov during a mass shooting in College Kerch

Many people doubt the official version of the Russian investigation regarding the massacre in Kerch. So, suspicious skills seem Roslyakova, who was more of a shooter-lover, and how he for a short period of time managed to kill such a large number of people. In addition, doubts as to whether a photo with the suicide guy and the testimony of some witnesses who said they heard gunshots from different parts of the College and saw people in masks.

Full video of action Kerch arrow Roslyakova (18+):

The killer’s motive is still unknown. About Roslyakova know that he was an excellent student, quiet guy and that his mother belongs to a religious sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Roslyakov killed 20 people, more than 50 people were injured.

Watch the video: attack in Kerch College

However, not all bad! In addition to the bad news, every day there are a lot of great things.

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