CHE-2019 (U-17): young Men – finals

Volodymyr Yezerskyy. Photo:

Youth national team U-17 following the national team U-19 has not fulfilled the task, not advancing to the finals of the European championship.

UKRAINE – SPAIN – 0:1 (0:0)

Goal: Corrientes, 90.

Ukraine: Neshcheret, Agboju (Rubchinsky, 78), Zabarnyi, Batagov, Vivcharenko, Kobylanski, Perch, Skorko, Wunnik, Goncharuk (Wanat, 61), Bliznichenko.

Punishment: Corrientes, 60. Kobylanski, 79 (warnings).

Judge: Gischler (Austria).

March 31. Nyon. Stadium “Calobre”.

Yesterday, our team of 17-year-old played the final match of the elite round CHE-2019. After the defeat against Greece (0:1) wards of Volodymyr Yezerskyy had a minimum defeat of the Spaniards – then we took the second place. With a difference of two goals – the first.

For victory went five FC Dynamo Kyiv players, five players of Shakhtar and one let Dnipro right back. What’s interesting: the game of the miners in the championship of Ukraine U-19 c “Dawn” was moved to April. Kiev concessions have not got going at Mariupol arena. Not helped: the young ice hockey players showed the will to win and won – 2:1.

But back to the team. The first half was the Spanish who created three chances against one. By far the best in our team was Dynamo goalkeeper Ruslan Neshcheret, which has saved the gate.

In competition with such opponents to take risks ahead of time made no sense, so our team was patient and waited for his chance. In the second half and slightly trim the statistics of strikes, but to hit the target for a long time is not reached. In the end: 4 (2) – 10 (5).

The Spaniards were satisfied with a draw, so they were not as active as in the first half. And the team managed to achieve. Moreover, at the last minute, they also scored the winning goal – scored by Betis Sevilla Corrientes the youth team of “real Sociedad”.

The Ukrainians at this stage of the tournament concluded his speech in the European championship, failing to qualify for the final tournament…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Greece – Kosovo – 2:0 (Coles, 19, from a penalty, 42).

The final table


1. Spain 3 3 0 0 4-0 9

2. Greece 3 2 0 1 3-2 6

3. UKRAINE 3 1 0 2 2-2 3

4. Kosovo 3 0 0 3 0-5 0

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