CHE-2018: Ukrainians go to Slovenia! (VIDEO)

Tuesday. Kiev. The Palace of sports. Croatia – Ukraine – 1:2. 14-I minute. Just Mykola BILOTSERKIVETS (No. 15) equalized. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Yesterday, in a thrilling and tense match of the national team of Ukraine defeated the team of Croatia managed to qualify for the European Championships 2018.


CROATIA – UKRAINE – 1:2 (1:1)

Goals: Elovich, 12 (1:0). Belotserkovets, 14 (1:1). Razuvanov, 37 (1:2).

Ukraine: Ivanac – N.Gritsyna, Zhurba, Shoturma, Belotserkovets – Pedias, Novak, Razuvanov, Korsun. Grazyna M., Zvarich.

Croatia: Ukic – Suton, Elovich, Marinovich, Novak – Grcic, Grbeša, Babich, Matosevic. Postrain, Kanuch, Croatian, Jelavic.

Punishment: Shoturma, 9, Belotserkovets, 19, N.Gritsyna, 22, Elovich, 27. Marinovich, 40 (warnings).

Strikes (on target): 14 (6) – 26 (15).

Judges: Black (Czech Republic), Castillo (Portugal).

11 APR. Kiev. The Palace of sports. 4500 spectators.

Vladimir KOTSUR

from the Palace of sports

A higher ranking of our team, and even more – her status as a master was allowed to hope that by a decisive match against Croatia in the retinue of Alexander Kosenko suitable leader who will settle for a draw, which gives a direct ticket to the finals. Not like that, of course, to play for a draw (Futsal does not allow), just to feel more confident. Although complete peace of mind hardly to be expected, remembering that in the quarterfinals of the European championship-2012, held in Croatia, our lost to the hosts in a series of six, completing the playing time in a draw – 1:1. Before that, however, in two meetings on a neutral field our surely won.

Strained victory over Belgium and a passed ball in the game against Montenegro, with whom the Croats understood, that is, single-handed, thought-provoking.

– Now on one leg, nobody can beat, ‘ said the puzzled coach Alexander Kosenko after the victory over Montenegro. To strain you need in every game. And qualifying in all groups show that easily now one team will not. So on to Croatia we will prepare very seriously. We need to be ready for anything. Most likely, the Croats are not to sit, as did Belgium with Montenegro. They are also active. Therefore, we will prepare. We have in the cage 12 players. We do not write off. Need to go out and play with full dedication. Ukraine can not play without full commitment. The game has caused an unprecedented boom. The game drew a lot of sports celebrities. In particular, the correspondent “SE” was found even with ex-chief coach of Ukraine and Kiev “Dynamo” football Alexei Mikhailichenko…

As expected, the match started with attacks of the Ukrainians. Dangerous shot Mykola bilotserkivets, but the Croat goalkeeper turned the ball away for a corner. After drawing all the same Belotserkovets at the far post almost closed shot Nicholas Hrytsyny. It was felt that the teams on this game was a super motivation, because at stake is a trip to the championship. It is clear that in such turmoil without emotion can not do. So already the 3-th minute our team had two fouls, which in itself is already dangerous. But the owners did not calm down. Two dangerous beat Peter Shoturma, barely missed the goal as Sergei Kovalev… felt wrong Croatian in the 7th minute took the timeout, because the advantage of Ukrainians was overwhelming and an urgent need to change something. After the game resumed, the situation has changed. Now the Croats have more of the ball, and their top scorer Flanco Elovich began gradually to zero in the frame of Eugene Iwanaka. The first two attempts were unsuccessful but on the third time, Franco scored. Beating on the right edge Koval, he powerfully shot under a crossbeam – 0:1.

It is clear that such a turn of Ukrainians are not satisfied, and they that have the spirit ran forward. Fortunately, we quickly managed to recoup. Excellent shot from close range struck Belotserkovets – 1:1. On the first half and finished. The Ukrainians had the greater possession, more shots, but the score remained a draw, but in the passive two warnings, which earned Shoturma and Mr Razuvanov.

Another warning at the beginning of the second half earned more and Nikolai Gritsyna, so that Ukrainians became very tight, because once three players have “hung” on the cards, and play a whole half. But even in this situation, the Ukrainians continued to pressure opponents. Over time, the Croats did not start to keep up with fast movements of Ukrainians, so near their gate began to arise points, and Elovich in one of the episodes earned a yellow card. As time went on, and the score never changed. On 34 minutes, the Croats took another timeout, because before the end of the match was not so much time and you need to make the last adjustments. Further, the guests tried to control the ball, in parallel, just killing time. But it did not last long. Wards Kosenko found the strength to make a decisive shot. We managed a lightning counter-attack, after which Razuvanov, receiving the ball from Smith, hammer the ball under the crossbar – 2:1!

The Croatians immediately went to the game with the fifth field. It was really quite hot. One of the highlights Elovich not hit the target… 40 seconds before the final scroll Kosenko took a time-out, because it was obvious that players need a breather. In the end, Ukrainians have survived and suffered so much coveted ticket to the European championship of 2018 which will be held in Slovenia. Croats in September in the play-offs the second time you try to open a window on this European forum.


Sport-Express in Ukraine

Montenegro – Belgium – 1:2.

The final table


1. UKRAINE 3 3 0 0 7-3 9

2. Croatia 3 2 0 1 6 11-3

3. Belgium 3 1 0 2 3-8 3

4. Montenegro 3 0 0 2 3-10 0

Group A (in Georgia). Italy – Belarus – 2:1. Georgia – Netherlands – 1:1. Holland – Italy – 2:4. Georgia – Belarus 1:1. Belarus – Holland – 3:3. Italy – Georgia 2:2.

Italy – 7, Georgia – 3, Belarus, The Netherlands – 2.

Group B (in Azerbaijan). Hungary – Albania – 4:3. Azerbaijan – Bosnia – 5:4. Bosnia – Hungary – 2:2. Azerbaijan – Albania – 5:0. Albania – Bosnia – 6:6. Hungary – Azerbaijan 1:6.

Azerbaijan – 9, Hungary – 4, Bosnia – 2, Albania – 1.

Group D (in Romania). Portugal – Latvia – 2:1. Romania – Finland – 5:5. Finland – Portugal – 1:5. Romania – Latvia – 3:1. Latvia – Finland – 3:4. Portugal – Romania – 4:0.

Portugal 9, Romania, Finland 4, Latvia 0.

Group E (in Poland). Spain – Moldova – 7:0. Poland – Serbia – 0:4. Serbia – Spain – 0:6. Poland – Moldova – 4:2. Moldova – Serbia – 3:7. Spain – Poland – ?:?.

Spain – 6, Serbia – 6, Poland – 3, Moldova – 0.

Group F (in Kazakhstan). Czech Republic – Denmark – 5:4. Kazakhstan – Macedonia – 3:0. Macedonia – Czech Republic – 3:7. Kazakhstan – Denmark – 5:0. Denmark – Macedonia – 3:4. Czech Republic – Kazakhstan – 0:3.

Kazakhstan -9, Czech Republic 6, Macedonia – 3, Denmark – 0.

Group G (in Turkey). Turkey – Slovakia 1:8. Russia – France 5:0. Turkey – France – 1:5. Slovakia – Russia – 0:1. France – Slovakia – 4:1. Russia – Turkey – 4:0.

Russia – 9, France – 6, Slovakia – 3, Turkey – 0.

In the final tournament of the European championship-2018 (January 30 – February 10 in Slovenia) left the group winners. Teams that took second places in groups and the best third teams in the play-offs (September 2017) will compete for another 4 spots.

The participants of the final tournament: Azerbaijan, Italy, Spain, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, UKRAINE.

The participants in the qualifying play-offs: Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic.

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