CHE-2018: Ukraine came to Spain


Group C

UKRAINE – PORTUGAL – 3:5 (0:2)

Naked: B. Coelho, 3 (0:1). Brito, 13 (0:2). Razuvanov, 28 (1:2). Korolyshyn, 32 (2:2). Brown, 34 (2:3). Nielson, 36 (2:4). Luvannor Henrique, 37 (2:5). Shoturma, 40 (3:5).

Ukraine: Ivanac (Litvinenko, 39) Is Zhurba, M. Gritsyna, N. Gritsyna, Belotserkovets – Pedias, Lysenko, Khamdamov, Sheremet – Razuvanov, Shoturma, Korolyshyn.

Portugal: Souza (Bebe, 17) Brown, Ricardinho, B. Coelho, Matos, A. Coelho Varela, Marcio, Wilson – Brito, Tunya, Cecilia.

Punishments: Cecilio, 25 (alert).

Impacts (on target): 15 (10) – 25 (14).

Judiciary: Pelisse (France), Onatsu (Finland).

4 Feb. Ljubljana. “Arena Stožice”. 4412 spectators.

The Portuguese on the rights of the favourites from the very beginning seized the initiative and moments went, one after another. First, Bruno Coelho missed a one-on-one, and then our goalkeeper is not easily parried Pedro brown. The assault team ended in a goal. From the left wing, joão Matos passed the ball into the penalty area, from where ascended Bruno Coelho shot Eugene Iwanaka – 0:1.

Such a debut is clearly not included in the plans of head coach of Ukraine Oleksandr Kosenko, so he had to take a time-out, because our players are simply on the ground sleeping.

The respite did not help the Ukrainians continued to play sluggish, playing the long ball. In such a situation to build up ahead was very difficult. But the opponent effortlessly prodosal to use our mistakes. Soon a long shot Andre Coelho hit the post…

The national team of Ukraine did not work nothing, our players could not even catch the ball. In the end, the Portuguese scored again. Tiago Brito on the right flank pushed our defender and fired into the near corner – 0:2. Only at the end of the half, the Ukrainians held their first meaningful attack, but with a dangerous blow to Alexander Pedasa coped Souza. However, in that moment andré got injured, after which his place was taken by Bebe.

In the beginning of the second half, the Ukrainians efforts of Taras Karoliszyn and Vladimir Radovanov almost scored, but his shot hit the goalkeeper, and the second just didn’t hit the target.

Closer to the middle of our game, finally broke through. Out of Peter Shoturma passed to Razuvanova the middle distance with a strong shot under the crossbar – 1:2.

Became more interesting. After the roughest errors of our defenders Tunya flew out with Iwanaka, but the gate, fortunately, was not hit. Then the moment is not implemented Razuvanov, and then wards Kosenko score still leveled. The second scoring pass was recorded at his own expense Shoturma. But this time on the left flank he found Korolyshyn Taras, who, after a ricochet and found the same numbers on the scoreboard – 2:2.

Sensing something was wrong, the Portuguese didn’t play so impressively as before. They ran faster and then scored the third goal. Pedro brown is a beautiful shot into the top corner to put his team forward – 3:2.

Kosenko decided to play with the fifth field, but lost. In “circumcised” Zhurba, which allowed Nelson Miguel hit the empty net, and then transfer from the right flank was closed by Ricardinho – 2:5. That’s all. The only thing that managed to Ukrainians, so it’s last minute efforts Zhurba to reduce the backlog. To more simply do not have enough time.

Summary table


1. Portugal 2 2 0 0 6 9-4

2. UKRAINE 2 1 0 1 6-7 3

3. Romania 2 0 0 2 3-7 0

Group D

AZERBAIJAN – SPAIN – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Floor 14 (0:1).

Spain: Sedano – Ortiz, Paula, Alex, Miguelín – Adolfo, Wuxing, Bebe, Lin, Tara, Fernandez Lozano, Solano.

In this match were determined opponent of the Ukrainian team in the quarterfinals, and the Spaniards needed a victory. From the beginning wards josé Venancio lópez took the initiative and began a systematic shelling of gate of contenders. From time to time Azerbaijan with no luck, managed to fight back. What is an unrealized point Solano, Hispanic, punching into an empty corner, with three meters hit the post…

However, the bad luck of the favorites not only of this conflict but also the whole championship could not last long. The Spaniards finally scored. After a corner of the Floor just broke under the bar – 1:0. Azerbaijan went to the game with the fifth field, but at the end of the half almost missed – Sergio Lozano has not got to empty gate.

In the second half, the Azerbaijanis only in the beginning something created in front, and then Spain firmly seized the initiative. Realizing that you need to change something, the losing side again, played from the fifth field. However, now this role is performed is not Vassura, and Edward. But it is nothing intelligible to no avail. Although the ribbon Azerbaijan could score. After a penalty kick of Ussuri, ball tried to correct Rizvan Farzaliyev, but hit the goalkeeper.

The minimum victory of the Spaniards in the quarter-finals brought them to a national team of Ukraine. This game will be held today. Beginning at 22.00 Kyiv time.

By the way, in the European Championships against Spain we played six times and have never even played in a draw (goal difference – 5:26). The last time the Spaniards we have conceded in the European championship two years ago, where they were defeated – 1:4.

Vladimir KOTSUR, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Summary table


1. Spain 2 1 1 0 5-4 4

2. Azerbaijan 2 1 0 1 5-4 3

3. France 2 0 1 1 7-9 1

The playoffs. 1/4 finals, 5 Feb: Slovenia – Russia – 0:2, Kazakhstan – Serbia – 3:1. 6 Feb: Portugal – Azerbaijan, Spain, UKRAINE.

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