CHE-2018 (U-17): Boys start in Bulgaria


Today the youth team of Ukraine, composed of players born in 2001, will start in his first official tournament – qualification for the European championship in 2018

From the 10th until the 17th of October, Ukrainians will play three matches of selection for EURO 2018. Rivals in the qualifying group will be peers from Bulgaria (10 October in Veliko Tarnovo at the stadium “Ivaylo”), Azerbaijan (13 October in Gorna Oryahovitsa at the stadium “locomotive”) and Ireland (October 16, again in Veliko Tarnovo).

The next stage will be the first two teams from each group. In addition, the four best teams from the 13 groups who took third place in their groups and having the best performance in face-to-face meetings with the two leaders will also continue to fight for a place in the final tournament. 30 teams in the elite round games which will be held next spring, will join the teams of Portugal and Germany, top rated. 15 of the 32 teams and the tournament host and will complement the participants CHE-2018.

The host, England, has already determined the list of the eight stadiums with a capacity from 2.5 to 11 thousand in small towns. The final will be held in may 2018.

In preparation for the official start, our team created just over a year ago, in 2017 was quite seriously loaded. In January she took part in the Cup of the Aegean sea in the Turkish Izmir (3rd place). In April in Gdansk, Poland the team was second in the development Cup. In August, the team of Oleg Kuznetsov took the third place on the home Memorial Viktor Bannikov. The last test was the Cup Sirenky in Warsaw at the junction of summer and autumn. There is only the seventh place. But played basis. Recent experiments ended at the Bannikov tournament…

The opponents are still little known, so we are not going to seek out the stars right now. Note that the Bulgarian national team, with which we start, in this century a total of six times made it to the elite round (last time two years ago), but in the end never played it. Ireland’s a regular in the elite round, sometimes made it to the final tournament. And in may of this year reached even the quarterfinals. A few people from the team, managed to get in with the guys born in 2000, we should see in Bulgaria. Azerbaijan fought five times in the elite round (last time in 2014). In 2016, played in the final, but only because he was his master.

Finally, Ukraine. Format U-16 our team (yaschuk, Perhun, Teeth, Sliusar, Kolchin…), debuting in 1994, they finished third, and then, even after reformatting of the tournament, more age (U-17) played with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, from the group of the first qualifying did not go, but six times played in the final tournaments. Including in 2016 and 2017. In may 2017, losing out to the Dutch (0:1) and English (0:4), but beating the Norwegians (2:0), our finished third in the group and went home. Anyone from the team in Bulgaria, alas, will not.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine



Cyril SAMOILENKO 29.05.2001 OK them. I. Poddubny

Anatoliy TRUBIN 01.08.2001 miner


Egor PINCHUK 13.05.2001 Dynamo

Christian BILOBAR 05.02.2001 Dynamo

Alan 30.06.2001 AUSSIE miner

Artem DANYLUK 06.07.2001 UFK-Karpaty

Sergei SNISAR 12.03.2001 miner

Roman YAKUB 23.04.2001 miner

Nicholas JAROS 22.05.2001 Dynamo


Jaroslav NADOLSKY 01.03.2001 Dynamo

Artem SZULANSKI 11.04.2001 Dynamo

Konstantin GUROV 07.01.2001 Dynamo

Denis PIDRUCHNY 10.07.2001 Smena-Obolon

Michael MUDRYK 05.01.2001 miner

Stanislav BUBLIK 17.08.2001 miner

Roman BODNIA 21.06.2001 Dynamo

Daniel HONDAK 19.04.2001 Dynamo

Ivan JALISCO 12.02.2001 Carpathians


Ivan DEROHAN 29.06.2001 Dynamo

Daniel SICKAN 16.04.2001 UFK-Karpaty

Maxim ZAVGORODNIY 23.04.2001 Dynamo

Vitaly VARENYK 27.02.2001 Metalurh Z


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