CHE-2018: Spain showed the direction


UKRAINE – SPAIN – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Sex, 18.

Ukraine: Ivanac – Razuvanov, Zhurba, Korolyshyn, Shoturma – Pedias, Lysenko, Khamdamov, M. Gritsina – Belotserkovets, N. Gritsyna, Sheremet,

Spain: Sedano, Paul, Ortiz, Alex, Miguelín – Adolfo, Bebe, Lin, Tara – Usin, Lozano, Solano, Fernandez.

Punishment: Zhurba, 22 (warning).

Impacts (on target): 12 (3) – 33 (13).

Judiciary: Malfer, Galante (both in Italy).

6 Feb. Ljubljana. “Arena Stožice”. 2.351 spectators.

Our team certainly carefully considered, as against the Spaniards played Azerbaijan. It is clear that zakavkazia was a mistake, which they eventually did, but in the playoffs, every mistake is like death. In these games we need to score, because teams like Spain, which, let’s not forget, the sevenfold champion of Europe and a long harness, but then to go where it should. To the sad statistics of past confrontations to apply not be, because there is this statistics to this battle had no relationships.

What immediately caught my eye is the fact that the wards of Alexander Kosenko though and worried considerably, as evidenced by losing the ball in the simplest situations, stood behind with confidence. Disturbed only by the fact that by 5 minutes, had three fouls. And that’s a lot.

The Spaniards, having expected the advantage of events is also not crossed. For the most part they provoked our violations and hit from afar. Powerful result such tactics did not bring. Only in the second half, the Spaniards managed a dashing sortie, but in time left Eugene Iwanyk eliminated the threat. Time passed, and the dangerous moments was – a cat naplakal. Ukrainians finally orchestrated a quick counterattack, but Taras Korolyshyn shot past. That’s all we remember before the break in attack. 4:55 to the coveted vacation Ukrainians were the fifth team foul, and the pain became unbearable. The Spaniards were constantly in contact in search of a foul, but fortunately, the Ukrainians played without panic.

Alas, to survive failed. From the right side was followed by the calibrated transverse transmission on the Floor that is a beautiful shot touch shot into the far “nine”. Ivanac that the patch interfered with a player of the Spaniards, did not know how you should react – 0:1.

It is clear now that to sit in the back there was no sense, need to take risks. And the team of course and ran faster at the beginning of the second half, the time created (stroke Mykola bilotserkivets), however, it was evident that the arguments we have very, very little. In turn, the opponent played in a row, just waiting for its chance. He introduced himself midway through the half when after the lightning mnogohodovochki Rafa usín ran out with Iwanaka, but experienced Eugene confidently coped with this threat.

Almost immediately Peter Shoturma ran out to play the fifth field. But the good came a little. Creativity we had. Just roll the ball, the Spaniards allowed the benefit of time played on their side. Shortly before the end, Lin was finally able to solve everything, but missed the empty goal…

In the end, the Ukrainians were stopped in the quarterfinals of the European championship. But the truth is, the quality of our team has not yet been possible to dream about something more. Luck? It comes when create, beat, hammer… of it All we had. Three shots on target is not the baggage with which you can enter the semi-finals.

Alexander KOSENKO, head coach of Ukraine:

– The match was tense and everything was decided by one goal. The dedication and struggle of the opponent we are not lost. Spain showed what we have to work. Although in the team we are moving forward. Something, but something – no. Know that one fight nature for the result is not enough. If there is progress in technical terms, we will progress in the team.

Vladimir KOTSUR, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Kazakhstan – Serbia – 3:1. Slovenia – Russia – 0:2. Portugal – Azerbaijan – 8:1.

1/2 final, 8 Feb: Portugal – Russia, Spain – Kazakhstan.

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