CHE-2018: Shoturma sent Romania home


The Ukrainian team completed the task at least- reached the quarter-finals of the European championship.

Group C

ROMANIA – UKRAINE – 2:3 (2:1)

Naked: Savio, 5 (1:0). Ignat, 11, (2:0). Korolyshyn, 20 (2:1). Pedas, 28 (2:2). Shoturma, 40 (2:3).

Romania: Tonica Ferreira, Savio, Ignat, F. Matei – Panzar, Choma, Stand, Soch, M. Matei, Cires, Oliveira, Reduce

Ukraine: Ivanac – Razuvanov, M. Gritsyna, N. Gritsyna, Shoturma – Belotserkovets, Khamdamov, Sheremet, Zhurba – Korolyshyn, Pedas, Lysenko.

Punishments: Ivanac, 9, Belotserkovets, 17, Korolyshyn, 22, F. Matei, 27, Choma, 30, Panzar, 34, Khamdamov, 36 (warnings).

Impacts (on target): 19 (12) – 32 (16).

Judiciary: Zahovic (Slovenia), Adam’s Apple (Russia).

2 Feb. Ljubljana. “Arena StoĹžice”.

In the fight for qualifying from the group this game was key, because the Romanians after the defeat from Portugal – 1:4 had blood from his nose to win. The victory was good for the Ukrainians, because in this case they regardless of the outcome of the last game would decide home at the moment, the aim of qualifying in the 1/4 finals.

Despite the fact that the wards of Alexander Kosenko wrote in favorites, it could be not so clear. Already in this championship, we witnessed not one sensation. The Russian team failed to beat the poles, the Spaniards was always behind, but never came close to winning the French…

Ukrainians were not to jump, especially if you consider the fact that the composition of the Romanians play a very good Brazilians and Portuguese. They in the first match brought a lot of trouble, another favorite of the group – the team of Portugal.


We felt that our players were excited. And, as he tried to arrest him to calm them down, all in vain. Ukrainian team initially looked inert, playing the long ball and relying only on long shots. Another thing – Romanians. Having a quick and skillful Brazilians, they were very fast and smashing counter-attack, the tip of which danger played, Savio. And if his first shot into the far corner missed the target, the second hit the bullseye. Ukrainians lost the ball in the center of the site, then Savio freely moved a few meters forward and shot a rather big gap between the defenders left from Eugene Iwanaka rod – 1:0.

The Ukrainians immediately ran forward to fight back. Very unpleasant for Petrichor Tonite was a blow from Ruslan Sheremet – the goalkeeper on the spot. And then the Romanians went to the game with the fifth field, it was necessary to cool the ardor of the opponents, and start early just to play on the account. One of the moments after impact, Dumitru Stand, only the crossbar saved the Ukrainians from trouble. He made a mistake and the referee who fixed game hands Iwanaka outside the penalty area (a violation of the rules, it was not!) By the way, the Russian referee in the match against Ukraine, at least strange… However, a very dangerous standard to anything not led, but the voltage at the gate was great. In the end, the Romanians surprised the second time. Their Keeper organized a two in one, Paulo Ferreira threw the ball Florina Ignatz, and he pushed ahead and came out of the gate Iwanaka, left in front of an empty “frame” – 2:0.

This has been seriously, and Kosenko had to take a time-out, because our players were like in the fog, while the opponent spent one dangerous sortie after another.

The second half of the time passed in two-edged attacks, but behind our team continued to play with the flaws. Well at least in one of those moments was injured, Savio, and without him the attack of the opponents lost in the sharpness. Towards the end, our team firmly took control of the game, but compounded by the hanging sword of Damocles five fouls. The last of them in the center of the site earned Mykola bilotserkivets, who interrupted his threat output Ignatz. And still the storm of Ukrainians have borne fruit. At the last minute after a free kick Taras Korolyshyn play home preparation with Peter Sturmey, shot under the right Tonite from the bar – 1:2. Two seconds before the break, we were able to equalize, but the ball, having met on the road the defender and whizzed just over the bar…


Barely started the second half as the wards Kosenko, seizing the initiative, nearly equalized. After hitting Razuvanova the ball hit the post and then in the goalkeeper knocked Korolyshyn. Judges and pretty codissia, it is not clear why he appointed instead of a penalty only penalty. But this is not the same thing. Sensing something was wrong, Romanians went to the game with the fifth field, as in equal structures, the class of the national team of Ukraine was much higher. However, he scored just Ukrainians. After a shot by Alexander Pedasa, the ball deflected off the hip of Ignatz flew into the shot to make it 2-2. Then judge almost for the first time in the match went to meet us and for inappropriate behavior sent to the podium the head coach of Romania Robert Lupu.

However, this little difference. Sometimes his team continued to play with the fifth field, now not with the purpose to gain time, and to score. However, nothing is clear at the front to create the Romanians failed. But the Ukrainians continued to look for happiness in counterplay and in the end, succeeded. Not right away. One of the moments in the penalty area put Andrew Hamdamova, but the referees again ignored the violation. Moreover, the moment they saw the simulation, and our player got a yellow card.

And still for 19 seconds before the final whistle, the Ukrainian team scored in the counterattack. Ivanek threw the ball on Shoturma, and the third time struck the gate of the Romanians, who had not managed to return the shot (fifth field), unsuccessfully tried to prevent the doctors from the center line – 3:2. So, wanting to catch crane, Romania was left with nothing, at the same time allowing Ukraine regardless of the outcome of the match against Portugal to reach the quarterfinals.

Vladimir KOTSUR, Sport-Express in Ukraine

UKRAINE vs Portugal ended late last night.


1. Portugal 1 1 0 0 4-1 3

2. UKRAINE 1 1 0 0 3-2 3

3. Romania 2 0 0 2 3-7 0

Group A

Serbia – Italy – 1:1. Italy – Slovenia – 1:2.

Summary table


1. Slovenia 2 1 1 0 4-3 4

2. Serbia 2 0 2 0 3-3 2

3. Italy 2 0 1 1 2-3 1

Group B

Poland – Kazakhstan – 1:5. Kazakhstan – Russia – 1:1.

Summary table


1. Kazakhstan 2 1 1 0 6-2 4

2. Russia 2 0 2 0 2-2 2

3. Poland 2 0 1 1 2-6 1

Group D

France – Azerbaijan – 3:5. The match Azerbaijan – Spain ended late last night.


1. Azerbaijan 1 1 0 0 5-3 3

2. Spain 1 0 1 0 4-4 1

3. France 2 0 1 1 7-9 1

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