CHE-2018: Sex sent Ukraine home


In the 1/4 finals of the national Team of Ukraine has suffered its 15th defeat in 16 matches against Spain (0:1) and leaving the EURO-2018 on football.

Ukrainians took into account the mistakes of the previous two matches when they let in plenty of quick goals from the Romanians and Portuguese. Wards of Alexander Kosenko was very disciplined and dedicated in the defense, almost never allowing opponents to create chances. However, before the break, the blue and yellow could not wait for 18 minutes Sex the perfect blow to the “nine” struck perfectly played Eugene Iwanaka.

In the second half, the Ukrainians began to act more actively and quickly created a couple of decent chances, but also opened up under the attacks of the rivals. Blue and yellow several times we tried to play the fifth field, but without much success. By and large, the Spaniards did not let the opponents no chance at salvation.

The main weapon of the Spaniards

Although Ukrainians in General looked pretty decent, the Spaniards, of course, a priori, superior to them in almost all components of the game – perhaps with the exception of the character, commitment and desire. But most of all, the difference in class was evident in the moments of the active high pressure from the reigning Champions of Europe. Under pressure of the Ukrainians has often been lost and made mistakes in the phase of transition to the attack. And this, in turn, did not allow the blue-yellow at least a little bit – first of all psychologically by control of the ball.

Within expectations

The result of the performance of the national team of Ukraine for EURO 2018 easy – all within expectations. To leave the group she was obliged (although some questions on the match with the Romanians remain worthless to get a victory over an opponent literally on the veins), and to beat the Spaniards could only with a great luck. Now fans of the blue and yellow it is hoped that the team in the next cycle will finally be able to make let small, but a step forward and seriously reminded of the great achievements of the early 2000s.


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