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Group 1

Today the Ukrainian national team (U-19), made up of players born in 1998, will start in the elite round of the European championship 2017. In the final tournament, which will be held in Georgia 2-15 July, leaves only one team.

History repeats itself. In the fall of 2015, our team played during the game in the final match of group tournament of the Turks with 3:0 but managed to give – 3:4, has slipped down the table of “seeding”, lost two deleted and disqualified players, and as a result went to the elite round in Holland bloodless.

Now almost the same. In the autumn of our beat in Boryspil the Turks after the first half 1:0, but lost in the end – 1:3, losing for the first match of the elite round remote Evgeny Smirnov and moved warnings Dmitry Bondar, when you fell into the third pot and is back in Holland. To go there again.

Lucky “orange”. They’re the first group tournament held at home – in the towns of Frisingen (13 thousand people) and Hardenberg (19 thousand). Now happiness rolled Harkema (4 200), where all three matches will carry our team, and Assen (67 thousand). It is the province of Friesland. Played a year ago in Groesbeek (19 thousand) and Uden (41 thousand).

And probably wouldn’t be a problem to find more than a dozen such towns with decent fields.

Then the Ukrainians lost to the Dutch in the opening match – 2:3. They just did not have the right to a different result on a day when passed away Johan Cruyff. Our team, which was coached by Oleg Kuznetsov, in the end I finished third and ceased to exist. Such is the fate of the youth teams made up of players the odd year of birth.

But the team that went to Holland now, in any case, the future of the youth. The current youth national team of Ukraine, which will be mainly playing boys, born in 1996, Holland is also a rival group of FOUR-2019 (U-21) went. And Dynamo Kiev, which formed the basis of our national Junior team, recently met in the UEFA Youth League with counterparts from Ajax. Lost in Amsterdam in all respects – 0:3.

Four offenders of wards of Yury Moroz in this Junior national team of the Netherlands got. This defender of Dilovasi Zeefuik, midfielder Dani de wit and forwards Justin Kluivert and Kay Sirkis, in one way or another marred the head and team of the Amsterdam club. It would be nice to get even…

By the way, another young talent from Ajax – 17-year-old defender, Mattijs de Ligt not involved in the game with Dynamo, because without it, unlike Kluivert could not do on the basis of “Ajax”, were not included in this team. Simply because, after only 6 matches in Eredivisie, he took home the coach the Dutch national team Danny Blind. Yes, we also have the national team with a minimum experience of performances in the Premier League, but not 17-year-old…

In addition to the players, “Ajax” in the “orange” should probably allocate midfielder “Nijmegen” Ferdi Kadioglu, who at 17 years of age appear more and more in the club.

The Dutch team, our second opponent, but the main attention was paid to it, because we are going to fight for a place in the final. Well, probably that first game against Greece, which will have to do without disqualified. However, the sons of Greece should not be underestimated.

They also have great players. Team captain, Central defender Panagiotis Remcos – player “Olympiakos”. And generally, southern people Mature faster.

Some North, however, too. In the composition of the Junior national team of Finland will highlight the Central midfielder of the youth team of Basel Sergey Eremenko (the third brother and said to be the most talented. Incidentally, he’s a year younger than most teammates) and the right extreme of the youth team of Middlesbrough Michael Soisalo.

Probably, Dutch, Greek and Finnish press about our team something nice to write… May know that the goalkeeper Dmitry Lunin, though not played for this team in official matches in the “Dnepr”, now the main goalkeeper. His track record is already two dry matches in the championship and one in the Cup, won on penalties.

Teammates Lunin, Maxim Lunev and Eugene Cheberko also passed through the crucible of the Prime Digi. And Dynamo Nikolay Shaparenko even scored in it. However, still playing for Illichivets in the last season.

Coached team accepted it only in February, Vladimir Ezersky, who succeeded to the post of chief coach of the leading team in the elite round by Vladimir Lytkina. Under the guidance of the new coach of the national team has already played two matches at the level of teams, losing to the Israelites (1:3 and 0:1).

But then she played in the squad that is far from optimal – without the majority of locals and players with experience of playing in the Premier League (with the exception of Junior year Nicholas Musalitina and Oleh Kozhushko, but they’re in the final composition and were not included). And decided it after the checkpoint meetings with the Junior “Dinamo” (0:0) and Borussia Dortmund (2:1).

The head coach of our Junior Vladimir Ezersky has told about preparation of our team website

I had little time, so focus on the players who were involved in the team and did everything possible to get into the elite round. Of course, I tried to see another group of players, but time is running out. Tried to plug in all your fun. And almost all coaches from the most famous teams U-21 spoke.

In February, faced with the problem of Dynamo (U-19) Youth League was preparing. It was agreed Dynamo and then not call. Plus do not touch “Dnipro” and a number of clubs whose players were with the first team in training camp and preparing for the championship. Focus on the nearest reserve to compare and select information, able to evaluate several players, now drew them.

But, of course, major group, base is a Dynamo. There is a good selection of players, they dominate in the League and played in Europe powerfully. It is important that other players could step up this composition. As history shows, it makes no sense to break when there’s no time.

I want to thank Raul Riancho. Together we trained and tried to send classes in the direction in which the national team operates. Raul on the theory was and told the guys: you open the road and everything is under control, you can tomorrow to get into the national team, if will show itself. Think this is a good motivation.

We have a strong coaching staff. Yuri benio has a lot of experience with boys. He’s one of those people who have built a structure of youth soccer in the Carpathians, due to which Lviv club now lives. Vitaliy Reva – experienced in past the goalkeeper. He is in late career has been almost trainer, in addition, already has some experience – helped to work with various teams. And now I’m from Shakhtar drew Alexander Knyazev. It trainer-analyst, who worked with the first team and in the youth and watching youth teams…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Player date of birth. Club And G


Vadym SHEVCHUK 27.07.1998 Platanias Greece 30 -31

Oleg BILYK 11.01.1998 Rock 12 -16

Andrey LUNIN 11.02.1999 Dnepr – –


Dmitriy BONDAR 20.12.1998 Dnepr 33 –

Vladislav DUBINCHUK 01.07.1998 Dynamo 30 3

Vladyslav SHKINDER 29.12.1998 Alexandria 28 –

Vadim LUCKY 18.04.1998 Olympic 14 1

Denis POPOV 17.02.1999 Dynamo 3 1

Vitaly NIKOLENKO 29.05.1999 Dynamo 2 –


Eugene CHEBERKO 23.01.1998 Dnepr 46 1

Ahmad ALIBEKOV 29.05.1998 Dynamo 26 5

Dmytro TOPALOV 12.03.1998 miner 24 5

Bogdan LEDNEV 07.04.1998 No. Dynamo 23 2

Maxim LUNEV 22.05.1998 Dnepr 20 1

Evgeny SMIRNOV 18.08.1998 Dynamo 18 3

Nikolay SHAPARENKO 04.10.1998 Dynamo 14 2

Vladimir YAKIMETS 03.03.1998 miner 10 –

Sergey BULECA 16.02.1999 Dynamo – –

Denis YANAKOV 01.01.1999 Dynamo – –


Nazar RUSIN 25.10.1998 Dynamo 15 1

Stanislav bilen’kii 22.08.1998 Olympic 2 1

Coach Vladimir EZERSKY (15.11.1976).


March 23, Thursday

17.00 Holland – Finland (Assen)

20.00 UKRAINE – Greece (Harkema)

March 25, Saturday

15.00 Greece – Finland (Assen)

18.00 Holland – UKRAINE (Harkema)

March 28, Tuesday

18.00 Greece – Netherlands (Assen)

18.00 Finland – UKRAINE (Harkema)

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