CHE-2017 (U-17): the Team of Popov starts with a win


Group 6

SWEDEN (U17) – UKRAINE (U-17) – 1:2 (0:1)

Goals: Mashchenko, 34 (0:1). Dmitruk, 78, own goal (1:1). Snurnitsyn, 80+1 (1:2).

Sweden: Tennander, Trinh, Snelheden, Petersson, Björk, Kulaszewski, Wendell, Tannus (Illasi, 71), Which, Sebbo (Mawana, 59), Chart.

Ukraine: Ltif Dmitruk, Snurnitsyn, Horzewski, Plum, Prihodko Tsitaishvili (Kaschuk, 61), Isaenko, Basesin, Mashchenko (Voloshin, 71), Supryaga (Cold, 68).

Punishment: Dmitruk, 63. Björk, 80, Cold 80+3 (warnings). Cold, the 80+4 (delete).

Judge: Vasic (Serbia).

March 23. The Gleisdorf. “Sparkassenarena”.

Youth team of Ukraine (U-17) made up of players born in 2000, began in Austria, performance in the elite round of selection EURO 2017 in Croatia. The team of Sergey Popov started with a match against Sweden and gained victory – 2:1.

Serhiy Popov started his debut game in the tournament with virtually no intelligence. Already on 2nd minute of the Dynamo George Chitaishvili test the vigilance of the Swedish goalkeeper Tennander, is not without problems coped with far shot Ukrainian midfielder. The Swedes managed to push the game on half the field “blue-yellow”, but all attempts of “Tre Kronor” to threaten the goal Dani Ltaifa in the first half were in vain. The ball bypassed the Ukrainian gate after blows of Bjørke, Kulaszewski, Sebbo and Petersson.

The first goal was scored towards the end of the first half in the 34th minute (recall that the players of this age play two halves of 40 minutes) goal was orchestrated by the players of Kiev “Dynamo” 6-year-old striker George Chitaishvili gave the pass, and his coeval midfielder Vadim Mashchenko sent the ball into the goal. This account stayed almost until the finish of the match, but in the 78th minute during the attacks of the Scandinavians FC Dynamo Kyiv Taras Dmytruk scored an own goal. The benefit already in the first minute of stoppage time after the transmission of the youngest in the team of Dynamo Vincent Voloshin (he’s born in 2001) winning goal was scored by Igor Snurnitsyn from Olympique de Marseille. True, at first it was announced that the author of the winning goal – Dynamo Klim Prikhodko.

Also note that the Ukrainians have finished the match in minority, in the stoppage time, in the 83rd and 84th minute Shakhtar striker Artem Chill managed to get two yellow cards. Interestingly, the 17-year-old striker came on the pitch in the 68th minute.

Already the 25th of Ukrainians will play their second match, against France, and on 28 August will meet with the owners – the Austrians

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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