CHE-2017 (U-17): the French barrier is not obeyed


The elite round

Group 6

FRANCE (U17) – UKRAINE U-17 – 3:1 (1:0)

Goals: the Asshole, the 27 – penalty. Piccolo, 43 (2:0). Kaschuk, 45 (2:1). Gebbels, 73 (3:1)).

France: Cremelie, Colle, Bianca, Gomez (77), Adly (Goiri, 55), Coemi, Asshole, Ceridan, Mpomo, Piccolo (Gobbels, 68), Pelman.

Ukraine: Ltif Dmitruk, Snurnitsyn, Horzewski, Plum, Prikhodko, Kaschuk, Isaenko (Voloshin, 41), Vasikin (Miloshevski, 61), Tsitaishvili (Mashchenko, 50), Suprega.

Punishment: Milosevski, 78 (alert).

Judge: Donaldson (Scotland).

25 Mar. Bad Waltersdorf. “Termostato”.

After a victory over Sweden (2:1) Serhiy Popov met with the national team of France in the first game shared the points with the owners of the elite round by Austria.

Rivals from the first minutes of the match took the initiative, and special hazard goal Dani Ltaifa carried the standard position. To open an account the French managed to the middle of the first half the goalkeeper broke the rules – and their captain Maxence the Asshole with the 11-meter mark is not missed.

Immediately after the break, the French doubled the advantage goal scored Mathis Piccolo. However, the Ukrainians did not give up and two minutes later thanks to a goal by Alexei Kaschuk reduce the backlog. This goal remained the only one for us, but opponents managed to score once.

To finish second, you have to beat the Austrians. In the first place can not count – the French are unlikely to lose points in the game with the Greeks


1. France 2 1 1 0 4-2 4

2. Austria 2 1 1 0 4-2 4

3. UKRAINE 2 1 0 1 3-4 3

4. Greece 2 0 0 2 2-5 0

3rd Tur, 28 March: UKRAINE – Austria, France and Sweden.

In the final tournament (may 3-19 in Croatia) out group winners and seven (out of eight) teams that took second places in groups.

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