CHE-2017 (U-17): next to the first team


Group 6

Junior national team of Ukraine (U-17) made up of players born in 2000, today in Austria began the struggle for the permit in final tournament of the European championship 2017, which will be held in Croatia from 3 to 19 may.

In the final, the third time will take part 16, not 8 as before, teams. In the finals the winners of the eight groups and seven teams took second place.

In the elite round this our team made their way with difficulty. And all because of the fact that in injury time gave the victory to the Lithuanian national team in the opening match of the first group tournament (1:1). After the draw followed by a defeat against Turkey (0:1) and heavy with a draw against Norway (2:2) – our twice.

Did it not in vain, once in a result, in the elite round, among the best third teams. But hit the Ukrainian team in the fourth basket, which, naturally, did not promise a good lot. And so it happened: the Swedes and the Austrians recently seriously tightened – mainly at the expense of the children of immigrants. For example, in January of 17-year-old striker of AIK’s Alexander Isaac, was sold to Borussia Dortmund for 8.5 million euros and Austria’s Salzburg collects from all over Europe, talented young people.

About France and say nothing. It’s all clear.

The Ukrainian national team started preparations for elite round in March 16, immediately taking off in Austria. Sergey Popov took 21 players, but the final application will get only 18. On March 19, the team had planned sparring, but it did not take place. Because of the rain the host has offered to play on artificial turf, but our coaches refused.

Unfortunately, in Austria our team was not in the optimal structure. Before the March friendlies with Croatia (two draws 1:1) injured main goalkeeper Victor Babitzin (“Dnepr”). There is no main Central defender Alexander Miller, who have already made their debut in the UEFA Youth League in the “Dynamo”.

And still hope for a successful result the team had a chance to spend a few days with the first team at the training camp in the Austrian bad Tatzmannsdorf. Last year, 17-year-old under the leadership of Alexander Petrakova in England has reached the final tournament from the first place.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Player date of birth, Club And G


Dani LTIP 01.05.2000 Olympic 9 -6

Eugene PATSKAN 26.01.2000 Dynamo – –

Vitaly UMANSKY 09.02.2000 OK im I. Piddubny – –


Igor SNURNITSYN 07.03.2000 Olympic 29 –

Peter HORZEWSKI 03.01.2000 UFK-Karpaty 22 6

The novel DRAIN 23.09.2000 UFK-Karpaty 12 –

DMITRUK Taras 09.03.2000 Dynamo 10 1

Ilya MALYSHKIN 10.03.2000 Dynamo 8 –

Denis TARATUTA 17.08.2000 Dnepr 7 –


Bogdan BELOSHEVSKII 12.01.2000 Dynamo 17 1

Nikita TITIEVSKY 13.01.2000 Chernomorets 17 3

Arthur BASISIN 11.06.2000 Dynamo 16 –

Vincent VOLOSHIN 17.04.2001 Dynamo 16 1

Klim PRIKHODKO 09.02.2000 Dynamo 12 1

Vadim MASHCHENKO 26.07.2000 Dynamo 9 1

Vladimir RUDYUK 22.04.2000 UFK-Karpaty 6 –


George CHITAISHVILI 18.11.2000 Dynamo 25 3

Eugene ISAENKO 07.08.2000 Dynamo 20 3

Vladislav SUPRYAGA 15.02.2000 Dnepr 19 3

Artem CHILL 22.01.2000 miner 17 5

Oleksiy KASHCHUK 29.06.2000 miner 10 3

Coach Sergey POPOV (22.04.1971).



March 23, Thursday

12.00 Sweden – UKRAINE (Gleisdorf)

19.00 Austria – France (Rohrbach aan den Lafnitz)

March 25, Saturday

12.00 France – UKRAINE (bad Waltersdorf)

16.30 Sweden – Austria (Rohrbach aan den Lafnitz)

March 28, Tuesday

18.00 France – Sweden (Gleisdorf)

18.00 UKRAINE – Austria (bad Waltersdorf)

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