CHE-2017 (U-17): Lasted only an hour

Thursday. Zagreb. Stadium “SV. Joseph Radnik”. The Netherlands – Ukraine – 1:0. In attack George CHITAISHVILI. Photo:

Launched in Croatia is the Junior European championship the national team of Ukraine narrowly lost to the Dutch team.

Group D


Goal: El-Bashtawi, 61.

Holland: Shandalar, Gertruida, Dauerwald, Bakker, Piri, El Bashtawi (K), Malachi, Haspolat (Familia Castillo, 53), Beitin (Boada, 32, Mendoza, 60), Abahlali, Osting.

Ukraine: Ltaif, Plum, Snurnitsyn, Supryaga (Cold, 48), Kaschuk, Basesin, Tsitaishvili (Mashchenko, 48, Titievsky, 78), Isaenko, Malyshkin, Horzewski (K), Beloshevskii.

Punishment: it was not.

Referee: MoE (Denmark).

May 4. Zagreb. Stadium “SV. Joseph Radnik”.

The opening match in the group trust Sergei Popov had to hold against constant favorite European youth Championships. The European Championships for 17-year-old held since season 2001/02, and 15 past tournaments achievements of Dutch boys are impressive: twice the team has won the League title three more times reached the finals and stayed twice in the semifinals. And the system of training young players in Holland is a model – academies “Ajax”, “Feyenord” and other clubs are constantly added to the ranks of leading European clubs.

It was clear that our team will have to play the second number and count on counterattacks. And on 14 minutes the Ukrainians could open an account. On 14-th minute the ball after blow of the forward of “Dnepr” Vladislav Sprage hit the woodwork Jasper Shandalar. After that, the Dutch began to play an active, and chances appeared regularly. But well played Dani LTIP, and at the end of the first half when the goalkeeper was powerless to parry Mohamed Mallahi, came to the aid of the post.

After the break, dominating the wards of Kees van Wonderen became even more tangible. And on the 61st minute, the captain of the “orange” Ashraf El-Bashtawi “Feyenoord” scored the decisive goal.

To win, the Ukrainians failed, although at the end of the meeting Artur Basisin could equalize the score, but from a good position has punched by gate.

For the match, the Dutch struck 12 shots on goal and gave a corner 6, our 3 and 2, respectively.

Now the youth team of Ukraine on Sunday waiting for a crucial match against another formidable opponent – the British. And the position is such that our we need a victory.

Although the playoffs are still far away, but we already know about the experiment, planned by the UEFA. Will be tested a new system of penetration in the penalty shootout, if required. The UEFA was concerned that under the current system about 60 percent of the cases, wins the team that takes the penalty first. It is associated with a greater psychological burden on the team batting second. The new system involves the penalty at a time as before. After the first penalty, the second command hits twice in a row, then the first two in a row. And so on. This should reduce the psychological burden on the players from the penalty spot.

Alexander PRESIC, Sport-Express in Ukraine

Norway – England 1:3 (Guei, 8, own goal – Brewster, 10, 35. Foden, 78).


1. England 1 1 0 0 3-1 3

2. Holland 1 1 0 0 1-0 3

3. UKRAINE 1 0 0 1 0-1 0

4. Norway 1 0 0 1 1-3 0

2nd round, may 7: England – UKRAINE, the Netherlands and Norway.

3rd Tur, may 10: UKRAINE – Norway, England and the Netherlands.

Group A

Turkey – Spain – 2:3 (Gunesh, 5. Karaahmet, 11 – Gomez, 24. Ruiz, 33, from a penalty. Seas, 72).

Croatia – Italy – 0:1 (Keane, 78).

Group B

Scotland – Faroe Islands – 2:0 (Cameron, 59. Aitchison, 68). Removal: Hedinsson (Faroe Islands), 72.

Hungary – France 3:2 (Chobot, 38, 41. Tre, 52 – Guire, 36, 80+4, penalty).

Group C

Germany – Bosnia – 5:0 (May, 2. Keitel, 16. ARP 50, 51, 62).

Serbia – Ireland – 1:0 (Gavric, 72).

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