CHE-2017: German Schroeder, we can not handle (VIDEO)

Thursday. Tel Aviv. “Arena-City”. Germany – Ukraine – 75:63. In the attack Dennis SCHROEDER. Photo:

Playmaker of the national team of Germany is actually alone decided the outcome of the starting match of Eurobasket 2017 with wards Evgeny Murzin.

Group B

GERMANY – UKRAINE – 75:63 (9:16, 30:17, 19:14, 17:16)

Germany: Schroeder (32 + 7 assists + 5 rebounds), Tadda (2 + 5 rebounds), BENZING (17), Barthel (2 + 4 rebounds), Voigtmann (8 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists) – start; Lo (5 + 4 rebounds), theis (7 + 8 rebounds), Steiger (2), Akpinar, transport to Germany.

Ukraine: Mishula (12) Lime (2 + 6 rebounds + 7 assists), Windbags (6), Kornienko (2 + 3 rebounds), Kravtsov (3 + 4 rebounds) – start; Kolchenko (5), Pustovoy (11 + 5 rebounds), Otverchenko (8), beavers (5 + 3 rebounds), rabbits (4 + 3 rebounds), Konev (5), Lukashov (0 + 3 rebounds).

Two point shots: 19/34 (56%) – 29/39 (49%).

Three-pointers: 8/26 (31%) – 6/22 (27%).

Free throws: 13/18 (72%) – 7/10 (10%).

Rebounds: 37 – 35.

Transmission: 16 – 14.

Loss: 12 – 23.

Judges: Zurabovich (Bosnia), Maricic (Serbia), Velikov (Bulgaria).

August 31. Tel Aviv. “Arena-City”. 6200 spectators.

As we predicted, the main task of the Ukrainian team in the opening match of the tournament had to either neutralize the nimble dark skinned Germans point guard Dennis Schroeder, either, providing that full freedom of action, to try completely off the game of his partners. A successful solution to any of the great jobs increased her chances of winning. However, the coach Evgeni Murzin and his team apparently decided to go, figuratively speaking, for both hares and, as usual in such cases, is not caught one.

However, the beginning of the match was given a decent optimism. Our basketball players played with a good attitude and at first, using some impressively rivals in the attack, did not let them make free throws. Accordingly, in the first quarter of those smeared with games 13 from 15 attempts. In turn, the “blue-yellow” worked in the attack more agile and, after a three-point contact Igor Zaytsev, left for a two-minute break when the score was 16:9.

However, the second quarter of nice recalled the story of the famous literary and cinematographic, in which a glorious ninja turtles fight the evil shredder and his henchmen, but finally defeat them, I can’t. Here and now, when the leader of the team in Germany has joined in full and started their activity all partners, the Ukrainian “ninja” was to this turn of events unprepared. Technical shredder on speed easily cut the defense of our team like a hot knife through butter and not only scored for ten minutes, 15 points, but five times recklessly dumped transmission over the six-meter line, where a sniper “shot” Robin BENZING.

The beginning of the third period and completely demoralized the fans “blue-yellow”: those showered with mistakes and losses and Schrader and company gave a jerk – 11:0, increasing their advantage to “+14”. Evgeny Murzin took a timeout and putting on a complete absence of stopping the activity of the opponents fouls thrown into battle Vyacheslav Bobrov and Ruslan Otverchenko. “Fresh” newcomers really helped to stop the breakthrough of the Germans. But only just. Schrader to stop clearly did not succeed, and in the end the number of them in the match points was a little less than half of the team. And when in the final period of our basketball players blood from his nose required three-point contact with Alexander Mishula and other “truckers”, they are not followed.

Well, and Artem Pustovoy, who had, generally, quite productively, to save the match elementary could not.

– First of all, congratulations to Germany national team, summed up the post-match press conference Evgeny Murzin. We had a slight advantage in the first quarter, many things have happened. But we were faced with a difficult task – to stop the shredder. He is a great player, so we had serious problems to stop him. Yes, we had a plan to play against the leader of the rivals. But we still had problems. Unfortunately, intractable.

However, the dedication of the guys I have no complaints. All tried, fought to the last. So I hope in the next matches we will play better…

Today the Ukraine national football team is resting, and tomorrow will play the second match of the group round against team Italy.

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Lithuania – Georgia – 77:79 (18:18, 21:16, 18:25, 20:20). L: Kuzminskas (18), Kalnietis (15). G: Shengelia (29), Sanadze (13), Dixon (12), pachulia (8 + 10 rebounds).

Group A

Slovenia – Poland – 90:81 (24:22, 29:24, 21:12, 16:23). From: G. dragic (30), Doncic (11), Vidmar (11), Prepelvic (10), Randolph (7 + 10 rebounds). P: Ponitka (22 + 13 rebounds), slaughter (12), see Karnofsky (11).

Iceland – Greece – 61:90 (10:26, 23:11, 12:24, 16:29). And: Pálsson (21). G: Pappas (20), Printezis (17), Papanicolaou (10).

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