CHE-2017: 17-year-old made it to the finals!

Youth team of Ukraine celebrates reaching the final tournament of the European championship-2017. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

Youth team of Ukraine, snatching victory in the last seconds of the meeting with the Austrians, made it to the final tournament of the European championship.

The elite round

Group 6

UKRAINE – AUSTRIA – 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Schmid, 15 (0:1). Kashchuk. 24 (1:1). Kaschuk, 80+3 (2:1).

Ukraine: Ltaif, Malyshkin, Snurnitsyn, Horzewski, Plum, Prikhodko, Kaschuk, Isaenko, Vasikin (Miloshevski, 53), Tsitaishvili (Mashchenko, 75), Cold (Supryaga, 41).

Austria: Anton Misl, Wallquist, Demak, Ballo (Schuster, 55), Schmid, Aganovich, Klarer, Sulzbacher, Muir (Wunsch, 66), Weiermair (Bekar, 80+2).

Punishment: Prikhodko, 55. Kaschuk, 90+4 (warnings).

Judge: Pashayev (Azerbaijan).

March 28. Bad Waltersdorf. “Termintation”.

Our team of 17-year-old, made up of players born in 2000, to qualify for the final tournament of the elite round was easier and harder than two years older friends. Easier because the boys in the final tournament involves eight as juniors, and 16 teams and a second place in the group in the group is almost guaranteed to qualify for the finals – not initially, but after the victory in the opening round.

More difficult because it had to face France – the traditional value in youth football, well, and host the elite round, Austria. There recently the young is given much attention. More recently, Salzburg has made it to the semi-finals of the UEFA Youth League. There are, however, 1998 year of birth is, but guys 2000 is. Including from this team.

Leaving the game, we knew that in case of victory not only finish second in the group, but will go once in the top seven second teams. Here were the results of the games from the second and third teams. It was clear that the Portuguese, who finished 15 March with one “valid” point (lost to Spain and drew with Poland), will be exactly below team Sergey Popov in the event of her victory. We only had to do it…

Soon the fairy tale affects, Yes, hard to do. The hosts from the first minute seriously and permanently settled on our half of the field. Dani LTIP responded to a dangerous blow Romano Schmid and Andre Muir and creativity of Aganovich not got the best of situations. All this happened in the first quarter. Austrian number passed in as the 15th minute when our goalkeeper did not managed to counter the blow Romano Schmid.

The conceded goal brought the Ukrainians, who took a little less than ten minutes to equalise. First Dynamo defender Ilya Malyshkin for the first time in the game to have disturbed the goalkeeper of the Austrians Daniel Anton (this time as a semifinalist from “Salzburg”), and soon the miner Oleksiy Kashchuk made the last to capitulate.

Before the break was an open game, but neither the Cold from the Ukrainian side, neither Schmid and Muir with the Austrian side failed to use his opportunities.

The beginning of the second half saw the same scenario that the debut of the first. Austrians constantly escalate the situation at the gate Ltaifa and enjoyed the uncertain actions of the defense team of Ukraine, which Schmid and Christoph Biermeier only by a miracle did not punish our team goals.

And yet Ukrainians have once again managed to equalize the game in episodes with sharp points from the Kaschuk and Dynamo Prikhodko lacked precision to score.

The incredible denouement occurred in stoppage time – on the third added minute when the Austrians tried to kill time. Midfielder “Dynamo” Vadim Mashchenko has executed hinged transfer to the gate of rivals, and Kashchuk accurate shot brought the national team the 17-year-old in the final tournament of the European championship! For the second time in a row.

After conducted by UEFA in 2002, the reform youth tournaments national teams is the sixth release of our younger boys in the final. In 2002, 2004, 2007, 2013 (8 teams in the final) and 2016 (16) the Ukrainian team did not Shine, occupying fourth place in the group. But in 1994, debuting, ascended to the podium – has risen to third place in the overall standings.

The Team Of Sergey Perhun. Gennady Zubov, Oleg Yashchuk, Valentyn Sliusar…

What happened after the match in the locker room of our team needed to see. Thanks to social networks, it became public knowledge. Just joy!

The final tournament of the European championship 2017 (U-17) will take place may 3-19 in Croatia, where our boys have visited recently played in early March, two games with their Croatian peers. Both ended with draw results – 1:1.

The draw for the final tournament will take place on 3 April in Zagreb. Our team in the second pot seeding.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

France – Sweden – 2:0.

The final table


1. France 3 2 1 0 6-2 7

2. UKRAINE 3 2 0 1 5-5 6

3. Austria 3 1 1 1 5-4 4

4. Sweden 3 0 0 3 2-7 0

Group 1 (in Turkey). Germany – Armenia – 10:1. Finland – Turkey 1:4. Germany – Finland – 6:2. Turkey – Armenia – 6:0. Turkey – Germany – 1:3. Armenia – Finland – 0:5.

Germany – 9, Turkey – 6, Finland – 3, Armenia 0.

Group 7 (in Bosnia). England – Czech Republic – 5:3. Slovenia – Bosnia – 0:0. Bosnia – Czech Republic – 2:1. England – Slovenia 4:0. Bosnia – England – 0:1. Czech Republic – Slovenia – 2:2.

England – 9, Bosnia – 4, Slovenia – 2, Czech Republic – 1.

In the final tournament (may 3-19 in Croatia) left the group winners and seven (out of eight) teams that took second places in groups.

The seeding for the draw for the final tournament. Pot 1: Croatia, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, France, Spain. Pot 2: Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Serbia, UKRAINE, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands.

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