Charming and honest: how does the new girl Louise Adriano

Striker Moscow “Spartak”, who played for Shakhtar, Luiz Adriano and his new girlfriend Catherine Dorozhko posted photos together.

Pair publishes photos on their pages on Instagram, they look in love and happy.

Forward Luiz Adriano was previously married and has three children. However, Dorozhko says that not destroy someone else’s family and met with a player when both were free from the relationship.

23 year old Ekaterina Dorozhko is in demand in the Moscow model. Has a slender figure and graceful beauty. Instagram is crowded with shots of Catherine in the outdoor clothing in which the girl demonstrates her perfect body.

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More recently, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez walked on the famous Cannes film festival, and now removed in advertising. The girl introduced a new signature line, demonstrating at the same time a perfect shape.


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