Chapter WAC Filippov wants to amend Federal law

February in Russia coexist on equal terms two systems of awarding academic degrees. On the one hand, traditional, vacovsky. Another group of universities with the right to award its own degrees. And this innovation, as it turned out, would require significant changes in the law, stated the participants of the extended meeting of the Council of the Association of global universities in the country.

The head of the WAC.

Part of the amendments relates directly to the universities with the right to award academic degrees. For example, clarification is needed as to whether they can “protect” their graduate students not only yourself, but also via the WAC or dissovety formed together with other global universities. Or whether to give them the right to award academic degrees, which are not included in the approved nomenclature of the WAC, but represent a new research direction. For example, “management”; “education”; “urban”; “design”; “media”; cognitive science, etc. “This is a principled position! We will ask the government to make these changes in the normative acts”, — said the rector of the Higher school of Economics Yaroslav Kuzminov .

However, a number of provisions of the law that can be changed, most likely, will affect all facing the dissertations, including through the system of the WAC. So, currently, it is unclear who has the right to come to the defense, the head of VAK Vladimir Filippov:

— Usually graduates of postgraduate or doctoral studies, scientific and pedagogical employees or applicants. Logically, to get out of the pocket and to defend the thesis is impossible: earlier it was practiced, but then it was suspended due to massive abuse. However, the ban on this way of protection — just bring a thesis — no.

Another gap in the current law connected with so-called degree “on set” all previously released works, not for the defense of the thesis. “My position: allow protection for together is not for everyone, but only for organizations that have the right to award its own degree — said Filippov. — However, it is sometimes said that this will create inequality. But this inequality exists, and so to award their own degrees is entitled to only a limited number of educational organizations”.

Another idea of the Association of global universities is to equate all the members of dissertation councils for the official opponents. It said the strategy will allow to cope with the main trouble of the current system of awarding of scientific degrees: “Let’s call a spade a spade! The decision to award the academic degree taken by people who have not read the thesis. Two-thirds of the members of the academic Council is not seen even abstracts! This leads to wild results which are widely discussed in the media.”

The new law on science will be considered in the state Duma before the end of winter. Therefore, all these and other amendments will be submitted to the Duma in an expedited manner. “We should not be afraid to make changes in Federal law!”— said the head of the WAC Filippov.

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