Champions League: Buffon flinch

Gianluigi Buffon. Photo: Reuters

Juventus missed the first goals in eight matches in 2018 and allowed Tottenham to get a draw.

The second goal on the conscience of the Turin club legend Gianluigi Buffon.


Naked: Higuain, 2 (1:0). Higuain, 9 – penalty (2:0). Kane, 35 (2:1). Eriksen, 72 (2:2).

Missed penalty: Higuain (Juventus), 45+2 (rod).

“Juventus”: Buffon, De Sciglio, Benatia, Chiellini, Sandra, Khedira (Bentancourt, 66), Pjanic, Bernardeschi, Douglas Costa (Asamoah, 90+2), Higuain, Mandzukic (Sturaro, 76).

“Tottenham”: Lloris, Aurier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Eriksen (Wanyama, 90+2), Dyer, Dembele, Allie (Son Heung-Min, 83), Lamela (Lucas, 89), Kane.

Warnings: Davies, 8. Of benatia, 45. Aurier, 47. Higuain, 60. Bentancourt, 80.

Judge: Brih (Germany).

13 Feb. Turin. The Allianz Stadium.


It would seem, and here the Welsh club from the fourth tier of England? It’s simple. In the 1/16 finals of the FA Cup “Tottenham” played with “Newport”, who really wanted to win the Grand. With this purpose, chief scout of the Welsh club Floor Molesworth amounted to multi-page detailed report about the game, “spurs”. It painted everything from common tactics Mauricio Pochettino to the individual characteristics of the players. For example, midfielder Dyer called slow, and the defender Sanchez is the weak link.

Dossier on “Tottenham” helped “Newport” gnaw the replay at Wembley and attract the interest of Juventus. During the second Cup match Molesworth met with a scout of Juventus, Roberto Bosco and donated to him all the developments. “He couldn’t believe that we played a draw against Tottenham – quoted analyst of the “Newport” of The Sun. But when he looked at the report, said: “This is fantastic!”

In the report, in particular, said that too often, Dembele commits a foul. The first minute in Turin – Belgian fouls Pjanic, and that free-kick gives an assist to higuaín. However, the striker Juve somehow remained completely alone on the penalty. Apparently, the defenders of the “spurs” had to report that they understand: the Argentine criminal to leave without care.


Goal definitely knocked the spurs off. They never imagined that Juventus will crush them from the first minute and will win the ball. But in vain: a few minutes later another optional foul led to a penalty, Davis dropped Bernardeschi in the penalty area, and Higuain scored a brace. The perfect start for Juve.

There would be Juventus to break the resistance of the British, but they failed for some reason allowed the opponent to seize territory and to recover. In the first half, Tottenham was on the ball, 72.1% of the time – such arrogance Turin this season is not even seen, when he came to Barcelona. Among the disadvantages of the “spurs”, “Newport” noted “a large dependence from Kane”. This we know because, as defenders of Juventus. In the first half, English striker got two chances: in the first case, Buffon saved a shot with his head in emphasis, in the second, Kane slipped away from everyone and sent the ball into the empty net. It was the first goal that Juventus missed in 2018.

In that moment, when Tottenham finally settled into Turin, his counsel broke everything. Again turning to the records of the club’s fourth division, which said: “Aurier commits unnecessary fouls”. One of those all saw at the end of the first half, the Ivorian struck the feet of Douglas Costa in the penalty area, when it was not demanded by the situation. Fortunately for Aurier, Higuain is not always penalty – Tottenham were saved by the crossbar.


In the second half spurs began to press the opponent, but Juventus agreed to a counterattacking game. Why it was necessary for Massimiliano Allegri, is unclear: Juventus after the break, much less been in front of goal, although Lloris in a couple of episodes had to work hard.

Buffon also did not stand on the spot, but one error has crossed out all the positive game. In the 70th minute, Tottenham earned a dangerous free-kick. Buffon was right to build a wall – closed for the performer to strike the left corner. He remained standing slightly to the right of center, but very late to react to a trivial impact Eriksen, and threw the ball under hand. Buffon waver, and the team did not support the legend. For the first time in the history of the eponymous Juventus stadium spilled the advantage of two goals. It can be expensive.

Gosh CHERNOV, sport express

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