Central Bank against the Finance Ministry officials did not share the cryptocurrency

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said that the Finance Ministry supports the legalization of trade cryptocurrencies on the official exchanges. Relevant rules will be spelled out in the forthcoming bill On “digital financial assets”, which is planning to submit to the state Duma in February. By the way, regulation of cryptocurrencies, the Ministry is developing jointly with the Central Bank. Despite this, the Central Bank has opposed this initiative. The expert told “MK”, what are afraid of the Bank of Russia, as well as what will change in regards to cryptocurrency after the presidential election.

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In early December, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation said that in the upcoming law on crypto-currencies will be spelled out the punishment for its use as a means of payment in Russia. “Punishment will be different, mainly administrative, but if somebody organized a cryptocurrency with the purpose of some calculations, it will be criminal penalties,” — said Alexey Moiseev.

In turn, the Central Bank revealed in the cryptocurrency signs of a financial pyramid. “We are seeing that bitcoin of the unit of account gradually turns into an asset that is acquired in order to obtain through short-term time period high yield. That is, the signs of financial pyramid”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov.

December 28, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank introduced a joint bill to cryptocurrencies, which in the near future should be considered by the state Duma. Now the Agency disagreed.

The founder of the Foundation Capital Nakamoto, Director of strategy CoinPlace Stanislav Teo told “MK”, why the Central Bank opposes the initiative of the Ministry of Finance and does not want the legalization of trade cryptovolcanic on the exchanges.

“The Central Bank is now reasonably afraid of outflow of deposits, and therefore opposes — said the expert. — If cryptocurrencies are to go through legal exchange, the income from those investments will be, as well as the income shares. This should fill the budget. Therefore, the Finance Ministry stands for. If we talk about the mood of the first persons of the state for the cryptocurrency, after the elections, most likely, will tighten the nuts. The likelihood that Russia will give a broad welcome for the extension of any actions with cryptocurrencies at the moment is extremely small.”

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