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Russia shrugs off West. Part 2


Fursov deliberately distorts and ignores the most imp

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As a Bulgarian weapons fall into ISIS


The Islamists are receiving weapons with the help of fifteen spetsslujbami Western journalists found that more than 15 foreign intelligence services are working on the supply of Bulgarian weapons to the jihadists of ISIS. At the head of these secret services are the United States, Britain, France and Gulf countries…     Who is behind […]

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Russia shrugs off West. Part 1


Fursov deliberately ignores the most important informacioninteres to see how Fursov years withholding information about the main enemies of Humanity – the social parasites, which we still call the Dark Forces. He is lying and supports the many authors who tell half-truths…   Reading Elena Larin: field notes (instead of Preface). Part 1 Author Andrei […]

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Why can’t people fly to the moon or Mars

Manned flight to the moon in the current environment will clearly lead to his gibaleopaeri a man on the moon, Mars or other planets still some time will remain a fantasy for humans since the modern space ships are not able to protect the astronaut from radiation outside the Earth’s magnetosphere…   Dose of radiation […]

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Mafia captures the gas market of Europe

The Jewish mafia is trying to seize everything of value in planetango to understand that there is only one true mafia – Jewish. All the rest is its branches and subdivisions, which also divert people’s attention from the main villains of the planet. Now everything becomes clear…   Turkish mafia with the help of Syrian […]

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KVN who stole Maslyakov

Putin and Sobyanin gave the WHC a cinema and Maslakova it pocketed, and KVN podnoszenia Maslakovic not only pocketed the building for 1.5 billion rubles and gets its contents millions from the budget, but appropriated the whole idea of KVN, registering it to yourself as intellectual property…   KVN (Who Took the Estate). Continued. Laughing […]

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Who in Russia is helping the terrorists?

In Russia operates a network of legalization of documents for terrorists and nelegalov Russia across the country, there is a whole Corporation, network can say in the design of forged Russian documents, it legalized terrorists who arrived in the country under the guise of migrant workers…   Who in Russia supports the international terrorism The […]

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Elections in France – not so simple


Elections can not solve the problems Franchisable will not bring relief France it all started. The production of quenched and appetites of the oligarchs are not reduced. This contradiction is insoluble in the current configuration and orientation of the country. And Le Pen there is no help…   Paris zugzwang or a large French intrigue […]

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The US is waging cyberwar against Russia

USA are actively engaged in cyberwar against Russia and other transiberiana turned from something fantastic into reality. The United States is already actively engaged in a war against Russia and other countries. And how will we know the methods of warfare and to resist them, our future depends…   Between countries there is a cyberwar […]

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Black aristocracy is destroying the family


In Europe, destroy the younger generation and corruption investigationsa mafia systematically destroys the traditional family relations and imposes to the World the savagery and sexual perversion, hiding them behind a different obscure, but melodious words. This will soon lead to the destruction of Humanity…   Incest, pedophilia and sex in the kindergarten The Author – […]

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