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A girl from Virginia bitten own dog while walking

Photo: According to the authorities of Virginia, a young girl who did not return home from a walk with his two dogs in a wooded area, was torn to death. The father of 22-year-old Bethany Lynn Stevens (Bethany Lynn Stephens) called 911 and then went in search of his daughter, about 28 miles from […]

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In Scotland discovered “alien” minerals

Photo: On the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where 60 million years ago a meteorite, geologists have found minerals that had never been seen on Earth. When studying a thick layer of ancient lava flow on a small picturesque island, Simon Drake (Simon Drake) and his colleague Andy bird (Andy Beard), University of London, […]

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The driver of Uber, arrested on charges of rape of a teenager

Photo: The Uber driver from Georgia was arrested after 16-year-old girl reported a sexual assault when he drove her to the destination. The GWINNETT County police reported that they had received a 911 call of a residential complex at old NORCROSS Tucker road, when a teenage girl knocked on the nearest door for help. […]

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Tillerson urged the DPRK to peace and criticized Russia for the use of North Korean “slaves”

Photo: The Secretary of state Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) on Friday urged North Korea for the second time this week to start talks and to abandon nuclear weapons. Speaking at the UN Security Council at the meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs, Tillerson said the United States before any negotiations calling for “an end […]

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McCain admitted to correct “side effects of chemotherapy”

Photo: Senator John McCain (John McCain) from Arizona, who is undergoing treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer, “is currently at the Medical center Walter reed to eliminate the side effects of ongoing therapy of cancer”, – said in his office. 81-year-old McCain, who in the summer was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiform in […]

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The anonymous author accuses the “green berets” in the weak training

Photo: “Green berets” for decades won a reputation as persistent and skillful soldiers. They worked with local military forces in Vietnam, and in recent years they have repeatedly acted in Iraq and Afghanistan. A list of their deployments continues to grow: Niger. Somalia. Yemen. Syria and the Philippines. Now in community “green berets” growing […]

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China continues to build up the South China sea

Photo: Tensions against the island expansion of China in the South China sea, and possibly weakened, but Beijing continues to develop the disputed waters. Fresh satellite images show that during 2017, China built 28 hectares of infrastructure in the Spratly Islands and Paratsel ‘ to strengthen these important outposts of air and naval bases. […]

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American supplied bitcoin terrorists

Photo: A resident of new York can be imprisoned for a period of 90 years for the supply of cash in LIH in the form of bitcoins. Zoobia, Shahnaz (Shahnaz Zoobiah), an American from long island, accused sent 62 000 dollars to the accounts of terrorist groups by bitcoin and other cryptomnesia at the […]

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Three members of the ISS crew returned to Earth

Photo: Capsule spacecraft “Soyuz-MS-05” safely brought back to Earth of three crew members to the International space station. The astronauts landed in the steppe of Kazakhstan after 138 days on the ISS. Capsule “Soyuz-MS-05” the village in the early morning of December 14 local time. Returned home NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik (Randy Bresnik), ESA […]

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The drought has made the Sierra Nevada in California above

Photo: The drought in California has turned the lawns in deadwood and caused wilting of agricultural. The only thing that has increased due to the heat and dryness is the Sierra Nevada, experts say NASA. According to the findings of scientists at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, the legendary mountain range […]

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