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Researchers have found a link migraines with sleep apnea

Photo: A new study suggests that patients suffering from migraine, especially chronic, are at increased risk of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. About 37 percent of migraine patients have a high risk of apnea. “Since 75 percent of cases the migraine doctor diagnose, patients should ask questions about sleep apnea,” says Dr. don BUSE […]

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Pets are Americans getting fatter

Photo: For anybody not a secret that every year the waistline of Americans continues to grow, but a new study has shown that “for completeness” is not spared and their Pets. The specialists of the veterinary clinic Banfield found that every third pet, who visited the institution in 2016, were overweight or obese. Dr. […]

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Obama went on holiday with family in Bali

Photo: While Congress is preparing to vote for the repeal of affordable care, former U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) arrived on the Indonesian island of Bali to conduct a 9-day vacation. In the Internet appeared the photo along with his wife Michelle Obama and daughters, 16-year-old Sasha and 17-year-old Malia. The former first […]

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Large-scale cyber attack has spread to major European companies

Photo: On Tuesday a large-scale cyber attack has gripped Europe, violating the computer systems of banks and large companies in Ukraine, Russia, the UK and other countries potentially having infected their malicious hacking program. Merck & Co., an American pharmaceutical company, announced that its computer network was hacked. Hacking is not spared, and the […]

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Pictures of baby animals can save your marriage

Photo: What do you feel when you look at pictures of cute puppies or bunnies? You think that they can have a positive impact on your personal life? A new study found that viewing photos of baby animals can increase the level of satisfaction of couples in their relationships. The researchers found that study […]

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In June, consumer confidence reached 118,9 points, exceeding expectations

Photo: In June, the consumer confidence index rose to 118,9 points, despite expectations that he will fall, reports the Conference Board. Economists had forecast a decline to 116 points, according to estimates from Thomson Reuters. Last month the index fell to 117,9, compared with April. “Expectations for the short term decreased slightly, but remains […]

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Remedies for hair care and skin associated with a large number of health problems

Photo: When we begin to use cosmetics, I hope that it was a serious oversight. But in fact, the cosmetics industry is largely self-sufficient, without any requirement for approval before going to market. “You can make cosmetics, and the next day sell it without permission from Management on control over products and medicines,” says […]

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The bathroom Walmart found the body of a woman

Photo: In Oklahoma in the bathroom of a grocery store found a woman’s body. Law enforcement officers reported that the Walmart employee was trying to get into the bathroom but it was locked. After the staff was unable to get into the bathroom, he hung a sign: “Not working”. After a couple of days, […]

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In Manhattan the subway train went off the rails: dozens of people were injured

Photo: In new York two carriages of a crowded train in the subway went off the rails. In the incident, which caused panic, dozens of people were injured. Train passengers were evacuated and taken through the underground tunnel to the nearest station. Joseph Lhota (Joseph Lhota), head of Transport management of new York, said […]

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Every fifth of “healthy” adult has a genetic mutation associated with the disease

Photo: Some doctors dream to diagnose diseases – or at least to predict the risk of disease – with a simple DNA analysis. But others say that this practice, which may soon become the Foundation of preventive medicine, is not worth the economic or emotional cost. A new study has shown that sekvenirovanie genomes […]

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