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Ford profits fell by 35 percent in the first quarter


Photo: The company’s net profit Ford has decreased by 35 percent. In the first quarter it amounted to $ 1.6 billion, because of higher costs for car reviews, warranty and materials. The automaker has also experienced a decline in sales in the automotive market of the United States. Last year during the same period, […]

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A record number of climate phenomena in the world is the fault of global warming


Photo: To date, a record number of climate-related phenomena, from periods of abnormally high air temperatures to catastrophic floods, suggests the question: is the culprit of climate change? The answer may not be simple. It is almost impossible to lay the full responsibility for any climatic or weather phenomenon on global warming, as there […]

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Autism is associated with other health problems


Photo: Autism spectrum disorder affects every 68th child in the United States. Problems with social skills, repetitive behavior, language and nonverbal communication is common for people with autism. But many do not know that patients with autism often struggle with many other health problems. A new report from the advocacy group Autism Speaks has […]

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Spouses who have lived together for 69 years, died with a difference of 40 minutes


Photo: In the US, a married couple who have lived together for 69 years, passed away with the difference in 40 minutes. However, as noted by their children, the husband and wife were holding hands, reports AP. Theresa Watkin (Vatkin Teresa) died on Saturday at 12:10 in the hospital highland Park at the age […]

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Scientists have discovered the “ice” planet


Photo: Experts of the National office for Aeronautics and space research found a new planet. Heavenly body, which is called OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb discovered using microlensing. The results of the study were published in the journal “Astrophysical Journal Letters”. It is located at the same distance from its star as our planet is from the Sun. […]

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Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with bacteria of the intestine


Photo: A new study suggests that people with chronic fatigue syndrome may have an imbalance in the intestinal flora. Scientists found that in people suffering from the condition, was higher and lower levels of certain gut bacteria. Researchers at Columbia University in new York determined that chronic fatigue syndrome is characteristic for people with […]

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The first Americans appeared on the continent 130 million years ago


Photo: Archaeologists have made a sensational discovery: scientists have found evidence that the first Americans arrived on the continent tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought. Moreover, it was not Homo sapiens. The results were published in the journal “Nature”. Near San Diego, scientists unearthed a partial skeleton of a mastodon, whose […]

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Americans positively assess the efforts of the United States against ISIS


Photo: The results of the new survey showed that Americans have become more positive on the efforts of the United States in the fight against the Islamic state. The majority of respondents, 53 percent, said that they overcame the conflict in a positive aspect. Previously, only 16 percent of respondents rated the government’s actions […]

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Johnny Depp visited Disneyland in the form of captain Jack Sparrow


Photo: The happiest place on Earth became even more magical thanks to johnny Depp (Johnny Depp). A month before the release of the film “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”, the actor has decided to appear suddenly at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. However, instead of eat cotton candy, watch the parade […]

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The EU called the exact date of the introduction of bezveza for Ukraine


Photo: / The visa regime in the countries Evrosouza for the citizens of Ukraine will be cancelled on June 11. This was reported by the Agency UKRINFORM, referring to the representative of the European Parliament Dariusz Rosati. “Since June 11, European borders will open for Ukraine,” the diplomat said, noting that the Ukrainians […]

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