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Roscosmos has launched a project “Digital earth”

Updated digital model of the entire surface of our planet creates Roscosmos by increasing the possibility of grouping remote sensing satellites. photo: The project – development of the holding company “Russian space systems”. The project “Digital Earth” involves the creation and regular update of a continuous coating RS data of the entire globe. The […]

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The scientists said, who killed the builders of Stonehenge

The ancient inhabitants of the territory in which the Stonehenge was built, killed the people who came from places where today is located the Netherlands. With such an assumption was made by experts from University College London and a number of other research organizations of different countries. photo: Experts analyzed samples of DNA belonging […]

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Zoologists found the frog-elves in the forests of Vietnam

An international group of scientists, which included Russian experts from the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov discovered and described a new species inhabiting the mountainous forests of South Vietnam frogs. For neobychnuyu appearance and a rather exotic place of residence of the frogs was given the name “FINA”, or Ophryophryne elfina. This […]

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In the center of Moscow archeologists have found the white stone bridge of the seventeenth century

On Slavyanskaya square in the centre of the capital, archaeologists have found stone foundations and brick arch of an ancient white stone bridge. According to experts, this bridge was built in the XVII century. The detected length of the fragment of the bridge amounted to 17 meters, height — half a meter. Photo: the website […]

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Media: future explorers of Mars will help to protect Chernobyl mushrooms

Based on mushrooms grown near the Chernobyl NPP, it is planned to create a kind of cream that can protect people from the powerful ultraviolet radiation. It is reported by several media, citing the American space Agency NASA. As stated, “sunscreen” would be useful during a manned expeditions to Mars. photo: Allegedly, the experts […]

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The physicist said that 70 years from now mankind will reach the stars

Already in the XXI century spacecraft, which will create people who can reach the closest neighboring stars and a hundred years of mankind with a chance to reach ten of them. With such a forecast made by physicist Rene Heller, representing the max Planck Institute. The expert believes that the pace at which today’s technology […]

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Scientists upset witnesses a UFO in the sky over Tashkent

Many users of social networks on the eve began active discussion of the unusual phenomenon noticed by them in the sky, the Uzbek capital. It was reported that over Tashkent flew a UFO – a bright and luminous. Scientists hurried to upset the space romantics. Apparently, the explanation of the nature of the mysterious phenomena […]

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“Yandex” has started to test analogue to Siri “Alice”

The company “Yandex” has launched a test voice assistant, which is a counterpart of Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Assistant called “Alice”. Frame from the movie “Alice in Wonderland” Writes communication with “Alice” is presented in the form of a dialogue, the user can ask questions by voice or to enter them with the […]

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The Earth is approaching comet Johnson

Astronomers are preparing to observe the comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson), June 4, which must pass from the Earth at a distance of 122 million miles (about $ 0.82 astronomical units from Earth) to Shine +6-7 magnitude. Comet Johnson was open in November 2015 with the help of the 0.68-m Schmidt telescope in the framework of […]

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Moon base announced by aliens, populated by thousands of aliens

Unusual dark hole on the moon’s surface, which can be seen in photos from an artificial satellite, a UFO is considered the entrance to the base of the aliens. The conspiracy theorists argue that it is not even about the alien base on the moon, and that this cosmic body is a huge man-made object, […]

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