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In Kyrgyzstan, scientists and authorities can’t share the mummy

Leading historians and archaeologists of Kyrgyzstan insist that the newly buried mummy from the State historical Museum exhumed in a matter of urgency for making the earth a Museum exhibit is contrary to all canons of science. Photo: On 12 October the Ministry of culture of Kyrgyzstan was a question about the burial of […]

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Cut down the Internet: experts predict dangerous solar flare

If in our days repeated a powerful solar flare that hit the Earth in 1859, around the world, would be disrupted operation of power systems, satellite communications and the Internet. The damage in this case, there would have been trillions of dollars and provoked the outbreak of a man-made accident would have led to casualties. […]

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The phenomenon of a different nature: the scientists were able to look into the center of a neutron star

Astrophysicists around the world rejoice. They first presented the revolutionary results of observations, never before recorded astronomical phenomenon – the collision of two neutron stars, which happened more than a hundred million years ago in the constellation Hydra. On Monday in Germany this event is officially announced to the user ESO (European southern Observatory), and […]

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Divided between men and women and approved the crew to “fly around the moon”

Medical-expert Commission approved a core crew of insulation experiment “SIRIUS-17”, which starts on 7 November at the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. As reported by “MK” in the IMPB, the event is preceded by a series of simulations of long space flights, which is triggered by the scientists. Within a few years […]

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Scientists have identified a link between hair coloring and breast cancer

Frequent recoloring of hair increases the risk of cancer of the breast. This is the conclusion the doctor came to the London hospital, Princess Grace Hospital, Professor Mokbel Kefan. photo: The study was based on case histories of women suffering from breast cancer. After reviewing the data, the scientist came to the conclusion that […]

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Passed Earth an asteroid will crash into it in the year 2079

The asteroid, which is a deadly danger to Land and the past at a minimum distance from it, may still “meet” with the planet in the foreseeable future. According to scientists, the space boulder could crash into Earth in the year 2079. photo: According to initial calculations, the asteroid 2012 TC4 was supposed to […]

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Scientists have found that orgasm makes women smarter

When the female orgasm increases the brain activity and decreases sensitivity to pain. The study is published in the journal of Sexual Medicine. Previously it was assumed that the opposite is true: with emotion women are starting to think worse. To understand what happens to the female brain during orgasm, researchers asked 10 women (the […]

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Scientists fear a catastrophic eruption of the volcano in the coming decades

The SUPERVOLCANO in Yellowstone, recently confidently claim to be “the main threat to humanity”, has again attracted the attention of researchers. Experts from the University of Arizona, speculated that the eruption could occur in the coming decades. According to her, the recent analysis of samples of volcanic ash showed that the so-called magmatic bubble can […]

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Russian scientists figured out how to turn cold into heat

Unexpected way of obtaining useful heat from cold in the harsh climatic conditions suggested scientists from Novosibirsk Institute of catalysis, Siberian branch of the RAS, headed by Professor Yury Aristov. The method does not require the combustion of fossil fuels or electricity. It’s all in the adsorbent and undergoing transformations. photo: As reported “MK” […]

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NASA will make 12 people a month to lie upside down for the sake of science

The American space Agency NASA has selected a dozen new volunteers to participate in the experiment, during which they will need to spend a month in the supine position. Head of participants will be lowered to six degrees relative to a horizontal position. The content of carbon dioxide in the room where it will be […]

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