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China and the European Union will live in one village on the moon


The first statement on the joint lunar projects, in particular international settlements on the moon did in the past month several countries. NASA has announced the imminent construction of a space station in lunar orbit, and China together with the European space Agency swung immediately to the manned base. photo: Let’s start with the […]

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Cosmonaut Valery Polyakov: “I’m on Mars flew!”


The man who made longest space flight — 437 days, hero of the Soviet Union and Russia, cosmonaut researcher of the cosmonaut corps IBMP SSC Valery POLYAKOV celebrates April 27, the 75th anniversary. “MK” recalls the most vivid episodes from his hard working life, together with colleagues of the famous astronaut from the Institute of […]

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Search of aliens declared one of the priorities in the United States


The Chairman of the Committee on science, space and technology, house of representatives, U.S. Congress Lamar Smith issued a report entitled “developments in the search for life”, which implies that the search for life beyond Earth today represents a priority of American scientists. photo: Lamar Smith said that if just a quarter of a […]

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Scientists have invented mushrooms, glowing with all the colors of the rainbow


An international team of researchers, which included scientists from Russia and their colleagues from Brazil and Japan, presented a molecule capable to glow a variety of colors. To achieve this, the researchers are due to fungi, some of which glow in the dark is a natural phenomenon. photo: Biologists have studied mushrooms luciferin is […]

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Scientists for a hundred thousand years pushed the date of the settlement of America people


It is believed that the first people settled the North American continent is no more than 30 thousand years ago, if not even later. But a new study conducted by researchers from the USA and Australia, have allowed to propose a fundamentally new version, according to which the members of the genus Homo inhabit North […]

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Gennady Padalka published an emotional open letter to the head of the cosmonaut training Center


The history associated with the scandalous departure from the cosmonaut training center. A Gagarin cosmonaut group continued. The head of the cosmonaut training Center Yuri Lonchakov on the organization’s website posted April 25 appeal “first-person”, outlining his vision of the situation. In response to this appeal Gennady Padalka, who was among the deceased from the […]

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Cassini took a picture of the hurricane on Saturn with an unprecedented close range


Research probe “Cassini”, recently returned to the final stage of their mission, sent to Earth pictures giant storms in the upper atmosphere of Saturn. At the moment when these shots were taken, the spacecraft was closer to the gas giant than ever before, due to which photos get the record clear. Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute […]

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Elbrus, the mountain of death: the death of two climbers forced to recall ancient legends


Today on the East side of Elbrus, the two climbers who tried to conquer this mountain, fell, being at the height of 4.9 thousand meters. Both of them died. Unfortunately, it is not only in the history of the conquest of this peak such case. Elbrus has always attracted mountaineers as its height, and legends, […]

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Astronomers have discovered an icy planet like Earth


The planet very similar to Earth in several respects, was discovered by specialists of the American space Agency NASA. According to scientists, cosmic body, called OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb similar to our planet in size and is located approximately the same distance from its star. photo: Planet unable to open astrophysicists, located about 13 thousand light-years from […]

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The former head of NASA was told about the imminent takeover of Earth by aliens


The former head of NASA, Charles Bolden said that the Land in the near future can visit the aliens from outer space. In his opinion, the alien invasion will occur no later than 2025. photo: Charles Bolden, for eight years head of the American space Agency, shocked the conference participants of NASA in Houston […]

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