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The EU took a timeout in talks on the transit of Russian gas

Today it became known that the European Union wants to postpone talks with Russia on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine from August to October. Experts believe that the West is simply stalling for time to understand what the Ukrainian pipeline after 2020, when the term of the contract for gas transit from Russia […]

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On the brink of survival: the crisis has forced half of pensioners to give up eating

In Russia, 25 million older people do not have enough money for food. More than half of pensioners (54%) are forced to save on food and the Essentials: instead of meat and fish is cheap grains instead of expensive medications to choose budget counterparts. As a result, the diet of most families of retirees does […]

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“Black label” banker: penalties for unscrupulous financiers have tightened

Vladimir Putin signed a law severely toughening the requirements to business reputation of the owners and executives of financial companies, and tougher penalties for non-compliance. photo: With the beginning of 2018, business reputation of managers and shareholders of banks, insurance companies, private pension funds, microfinance companies, management companies of investment funds and mutual funds […]

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Internet banking moves in Runet: payment in one click

The Internet banking is slowly but surely frees citizens from queues in Bank offices. On turn insurance company. photo: Russian Internet banks are increasingly turning to the customer: the interface becomes more intuitive and user-friendly, has become more emotional. Over the years the Internet banking customer behavior became more understandable, developed the standard cases […]

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The ruble remained allies: wait for 65 dollars

Despite a set of negative factors — the growth of foreign exchange interventions the Ministry of Finance, the increase of oil production in the United States, a lack of understanding on the extension of the Memorandum “OPEC+”, — the Russian currency looks stable. Crossing the threshold of 60 rubles, the dollar is no longer reinforced […]

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In the mortgage market that works wonders

In the mortgage market that works wonders. Expect after stopping program gesubsidieerde increase price tags on housing loans was not followed: rates are at a historic low for the entire history of observations. The best time to buy apartments in debt may never appear. After all, even a cursory analysis of macroeconomic data cause for […]

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What Economics can help policy on the background of anti-Russian sanctions

That Russian-American relations to an impasse, obviously. This is directly acknowledged in his Twitter Dmitry Medvedev. What’s next? photo: Gennady Cherkasov There are two options. First — to state and not to change anything. In the sense that the answer is what happens while unwinding the sanctions war. And to assert that it is uncontested. […]

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The Finance Ministry wants to allow insurers themselves to set rates for insurance

The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the law on insurance, which may lead to a liberalization of the insurance market. So, according to the document, the insurers will give the right to set the tariff rate inside the baseline values (only downward), and drivers to choose from three types of policies with payout […]

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“It will be a disaster” Ukraine may not be ready for pumping gas

Ukraine’s gas transportation system may not be able to ensure the transit of “blue fuel” and the preparation for the heating season. This may occur due to technical reasons, has warned the energy Ministry of the country. photo: Gennady Cherkasov The Minister of energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said about the possible technical unavailability of […]

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Poland has called the basic conditions for gas purchases in the United States

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski, commenting on the possible conclusion of contracts with the United States on gas supplies to the country, said that Warsaw has set for itself the main criteria by which it decides on the issue. Photo: Wikipedia, Author Karolina Siemion-Bielska -Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych PL According to the […]

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