Cardiff will honor the memory of Saly

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The search for emiliano Sala continues at the initiative of the relatives of the attacker.

“While we’re talking about missing, the search continues”

A week ago, on January 21, who played for Nantes emiliano Sala should arrive at the location, “Cardiff”, which signed a contract for 4.5 years. On the evening of last Monday, the aircraft Piper PA-46 Malibu, where 28-year-old Argentine flew from Nantes, disappeared from the radar.

Search operation organized by the authorities of France and Britain, lasted until 24 January, after which it was decided to cease active searches. At the same time, officials continue to monitor information from ships and aircraft from the area.

But the family of a football player this state of Affairs did not suit. Relatives began fundraising for the resumption of the search through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. For three days in search of Sala and pilot David Ibbotson was made almost 350 thousand euros, despite the fact that the goal was to collect 300 thousand.

Tools in search of the footballer spent almost 4.5 thousand people, among which the largest contribution was made by the forward of PSG Borussia Mbappe (30 thousand euros). Also on the Sala donated Adrien Rabiot (25 thousand), Dimitri Payet (10 thousand), Alassane, Plea (8 thousand), the international Federation of trade unions of FIFPro (5 thousand), Ilkay Gundogan (2 thousands) and many others.

As reported by Sky Sports, Saly’s mother Mercedes and his sister Romina already arrived on the island of Guernsey, where was the office of search and rescue operation. They thanked everyone who has allocated money for continuing the search for the “extraordinary generosity”. Yesterday, two fishing boats resumed the search in the waters of the English channel, but came back with nothing.

The family still maintains hope, – said the representative of the relatives Sala David Mearns involved in the organization of the second search operation. – As long as we’re talking about missing as long as the family will not rest, we remain in search mode. Relatives do not know the area, its geography. This arrived from Argentina, the family is in a state of shock.

Cardiff went to meet relatives emiliano

Tomorrow, January 29, “Cardiff” will hold the first match after the tragedy that happened with Saloy. Welsh team in the away match of the 24th round will meet with Arsenal.

During the trip to the Emirates to the clothing of players, coaches and staff, “Cardiff” will be attached yellow daffodils. The team captains before the opening whistle, lay bouquets of flowers on the field (Arsenal, tulips,, “Cardiff” – the daffodils). Portrait of Sala will be shown to those who attend the stadium on the scoreboard of the arena “gunners”. Also about the tragedy to the fans let me remind you with the notification system at the stadium.

But, it is worth noting that the players, “Cardiff” are not going to wear a black armband and put on the form image daffodils. This will be done at the request of the family Sala, who believe that emiliano survived.

Bordeaux claims to part of the money from transfers?

Difficult situation with payment of money for the transfer from Sala’s “Nantes” in “Cardiff” (17 million euros – a record amount for the Welsh team). According to The Telegraph, the leadership of the Premier League club will delay payment of the first tranche of the French side until the investigation is complete by the disappearance of the attacker.

It was reported that Bordeaux, which Fat performed before transition in “Nantes”, also claims to be a part of the money. According to rumors, the Girondins wanted to get 50 percent of the amount that Cardiff must pay to “Nantes” – 8,5 million Euro.

He “Bordeaux” hastened to refute this information.

“We refute the information that the club allegedly claims to part of the money in connection with the transfer of emiliano Sala. – says the official statement of the Girondins. In the current sad circumstances, we Express our support to his family and friends.”

Andrey MIKHAILOV, Sport-Express

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