Captive Ukrainian sailor was done on a wedding in Moscow jail

A Ukrainian seaman Victor Bespalchenko and his girlfriend Tatiana Shevchenko before the Russian captivity was planned in April 2019 to celebrate a wedding. Despite the opinion of the husband in Russia, the couple decided not to change plans and get married in a Moscow jail.

Victor was captured in November 2018. Then the Russian border illegally seized it and 23 Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait. Subsequently, the military was moved to Moscow, was placed in jail and began a trial of them.

Tatiana Shevchenko has arrived to Moscow on session of the court held on March 27. Russian authorities recognized the “legitimate” extension of the arrest of her fiance, Victor Bespalchenko and three Ukrainian sailors, reports TSN. Previously, their case was removed from consideration as the decision of the court of first instance was poorly translated into the Ukrainian language.

According to the court of the aggressor, Bespalchenko needs to be behind bars at least until the end of April. It was on April, according to his fiancee Tatiana Shevchenko, was scheduled wedding.

We had planned to do a wedding in April. We are now waiting for the decision of the detention center. Will be allocated a small room for painting. I, Victor, maybe someone else will be present
– said the girl.

Victor Bespalchenko and Tatiana Shevchenko

As the Ukrainian sailors were in Russian captivity?
25 November 2018, the Russian border guards rammed the tug of the Ukrainian military on their way to the port of Mariupol. Subsequently, the Russians fired at Ukrainian court and injured 3 sailors. So, Russia seized 2 Ukrainian boats of the “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” and the tug “Yana Kapu” and captured 24 sailors – crew members on ships.

Ukrainian sailors of the Russian invaders was first arrested in the annexed Crimea and then sent to a Moscow prison. Guys say Russian investigators that are prisoners of war.

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