Candy from Ukraine

No need to beg for money, it is possible to earn.

How a weak economy can generate large opportunities? What are the drivers? As the country quickly soar up? Especially if you are already almost nothing left. Is there any catalyst for rapid economic takeoff of the country?

Answer: Yes, of course. For example, this catalyst showed Malaysia. This godforsaken, poor Asian country suddenly for no reason, no reason, 40 years ago decided that she wants to get out of the millennial poverty.

And not just so, and in most that there are exemplary leaders! “Well utopia”, thought everything in the world.

How to implement it? The idea came soon. But what! Neither more nor less, to build the tallest building in the world. Well, to attract attention, and at least somewhere to start.

What the world just laughed, like, want to do, loudly accusing them of populism, the gigantism and utopianism.

However the young king was a man of hard, set to work, and… rushed.

Immediately it became clear that inhibit insurmountable obstacles. For example, the construction of the tallest skyscraper in the world requires what they didn’t have: engineers, builders, architects, chemists, scientists, transport and logistics, and generally a huge infrastructure – from construction to service. Not to mention the raw materials for construction. And they have only the jungle and the tropical rains.

But the goal has become irreversible. And the Malaysians are not having any of their experts, have written thousands of them, from all over the world, and began to set up production of everything needed. Moreover, not invited politicians and Ministers, as builders, engineers and scientists.

Because there was a purpose that permeated the entire country. On TV and big billboards people see the photographs of this unprecedented structure. The whole country got involved, gradually realizing that this is only the beginning, and what lies ahead – not just “building”. And a lot more.

For 6 years they built the two famous towers in Kuala Lumpur. Along the way, he created 10 of the most modern industries – introducing the most advanced.

And yet – a well-deserved reward – the incredible power of the world of PR. There began to travel from all continents, not only tourists. And the economy jumped up sharply. It was the second move of the combination.

Vladimir Spivakovsky, “Glavred”