Called the worst video games of 2018

Has published the rating of the worst video games of 2018.

Evaluated reviews from critics. Aggregator Metacritic rating was the worst of the games that received the most low ratings.

The five worst-hit game Past Cure. She took the last line of this reytig.

It’s a stealth action game with third person view where a player could move between two worlds with their own rules and goals. It was named the worst because he created a horrible implementation of the game, which was boring. Oil poured into the fire, not the expressive story, which received 34 points out of 100.

4 place was Agony. One of the most anticipated games in 2018 have been meaningless. The game, which was positioned as a disclosure of the ideas of the “divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri in the form of interactive storytelling, in fact, turned into a mess with a mess, horrible graphics, bad level design and boring gampela. The game got only 34 points out of 100.

3rd place – Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy. The game was uninteresting, boring and mired in the genre JRPG. The game received a rating of 33 points out of 100.


Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy. Photo: Nintendo

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The second worst game was Gene Rain. The Chinese attempted to surpass the Dec Gears of War. The result was a banal hack with a bunch of errors, which is a parasite on the gaming Universe from Epic Games. Worst of all, the game failed to properly translate for English-speaking audiences for which the project was buried under a huge number of damning assessments with an average score of 32 out of 100.

The worst of the worst was The Quiet Man. This is a project from Square Enix. The game is not all: the gameplay, story and even audio. Uninteresting and stupid. Worst game of 2018 received 29 points out of 100.

Google has made a rating of the best mobile apps this year. In the rating category Most Casual Games got game of the Ukrainian development Orbia: Tap and Relax. It was created in the Kiev Studio JOX Development.


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