Called the movies, which the state forbade to show 2018

Films banned at the request of the security Service of Ukraine. Photo: Alfred Derks / Pixabay

2018 State Agency for film banned for showing more than 120 films. This is reported by the Ministry, says UNN.

So, last year the state repealed the state certificate for distribution and demonstration of films on 126 names.

In particular, at the request of the security Service of Ukraine cancelled the state registration and invalidated a distribution certificate with participation of persons from the list of persons posing a threat to national security, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.

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Among the banned films and serials with the participation of Nadezhda Babkina (“the snow Queen”), Alexander Bashirov (the series “the Agent of special purpose 3”, the film “the True story of Scarlet sails”), Natalya Varley (film “the Wizard of oz”), Stanislav Govorukhin (film “the Black veil”, “heads and Tails”), Gerard Depardieu (“Chameleon”), Emir Kusturica (film “Arizona dream”, “the Good thief”), Vladimir Menshov (film “Marusia”, “Legend No. 17”), Alexey Panin (the films “angel”, “angel”), Dmitry Kharatyan (the movie “Atlantis”, “Cockroach races”).

In addition, the state has banned several films with Steven Seagal – “Capture-2”, “clockwork”, “Mortal strike”, “Double play.”

Ended the production of the film, a parable by Mikhail Ilienko “cleanup”. It was created on motives of the ballad of Taras Shevchenko “t Katerini hut on pomost”. The state took over 98,02% of the production costs.


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