Called products that in 2018, the most expensive

In 2018 30% more expensive bread. Mainly, the price rose to social – the cheap bread. Photo:

During the year, prices increased for vegetables, bread and meat.

“Over the years the vegetables have broken all price records. In the middle of the season Ukraine has imported them from Kazakhstan, Croatia, Serbia, Belarus, Egypt, Republic of South Africa. Because prices of domestic traditional vegetables was off the charts. Individual went up by 100 percent,” said Director of the Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

Leaders of a rise in price of steel onions and carrots. In June, a kilo of carrots cost 35 UAH. Now the price has dropped. Significantly more expensive bow. Last year, per kilogram paid RS 3.5. Now more than 15. Until the end of the year, another 10% will be added to the price of potatoes. Since the beginning of August it has risen by 15-20%.

“Regarding the bread, it rose in price mostly cheap – social. There were months when value has grown by 2-3 percent, and bread from flour, by contrast, sold cheaper. In General, bread rose by 30 percent. Today, the kilo is an average of 18 hryvnia,” – said the expert.

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According to him, during the year, gradually became more expensive beef and pork. Chicken all happened quite opaque. One major player has done so, we have chicken is in fact pork.

“The opposite situation with fat. Last year in the capital, the cheapest cost 100 UAH per kilogram. The average price in Ukraine for one kilogram was $ 120-130 USD. Poland has offered to buy pounds for 25 hryvnia. Therefore, the price of bacon this year was primarily substantiated through competition with foreign producers,” – adds Alexey Doroshenko.

The full interview with Alexey Doroshenko read here.


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